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CROWDRISE : May 31, 2015
Tax ID: 27-1150504
BASED: Bayonne, NJ, United States


Bayonne Muslims

Build a Mosque!

Muslims have called Bayonne their home for many decades. We are lucky to live in a beautiful town, with compassionate kind hearted neighbors that have allowed us to rent basement space in their most beautiful churches and parks for our worship. 


At a time when Islamphobia is at an all-time high, the truly progressive town of Bayonne could not be more compassionate. Town community leaders have stood with us and proclaimed that every individual deserves access to a comfortable and secure place to practice his or her beliefs. These freedoms are the seeds upon which our nation was founded. The volunteers are many, and the plans for interfaith dinners, soup kitchens, blood drives, senior care, and social and environmental programs are abundant, and so, a permanent location to make such goals a reality is essential.   It has become pivotal for the Bayonne Muslims to have a facility through which community services can be provided to all residents, and through which the Muslims of Bayonne can participate and represent themselves in broader community goals.


Never before were families able to look to one institution as the foundation to unite under a single roof. Under Bayonne Muslims, we initiated and organized an effort to provide such an institution. Obstacles were faced, hardships were overcome, yet such difficulties did not hinder our effort. It is by the means of this institution that we hope to set up facilities for knowledge, education of our religion, and to grow even closer with our external community. The town has offered us the opportunity to have our own 23,000 square feet place of worship. Our neighbors have stood with us at this pivotal time in our history in support of our own Mosque.


Now brothers and sisters, will you stand with us?

Tax ID: 27-1150504 •


Bayonne Muslims Build a Mosque

Bayonne Muslims Build a Mosque

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83% Raised of $1,200,000 Goal