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Epic Cathedral

Epic Cathedral
CROWDRISE : Jun 26, 2017
Tax ID: 81-5237197
BASED: Camp Springs, MD, United States


Epic Cathedral

Life Support 180

· 2.4 million students are diagnosed with specific learning disabilities and receive services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This represents 41% of all students receiving special education services. · 75% - 80% of special education students identified as LD have their basic deficits in language and reading. · 60% of adults with severe literacy problems have undetected or untreated learning disabilities.

Life Support was created to help teens and young adults from the ages of 16 to 25 with learning disabilities to overcome life struggles by teaching life skills and job training. Many teens and young adults with learning disabilities have problems with simple things in life that might be common for most people such as managing money, paying bills, cooking and balancing everyday life events. People with LD find it hard to get a job because they lack confidence and find it difficult to understand task assignments.  We have staff persons that specialize and are  qualified in many different areas such as finance, life coaching, counseling and career development that will help students within this program excel in life.  We need your help as we do not have any goverment or private funding at this time but we believe we can move this program foward to help parents and young adults by providing the resources needed to get the proper help. When you start a fundraising campaign with Epic, you are joining the fight to help us aid those who are not able to fight for themselves.


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