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Hello Fellows, What you would do if you win a million dollars? I never had an answer to this question until a few months ago. I was going through daily laziness at work, procrastination and searches of my life meaning. Also I was and I'm still struggling with my Bachelors degree thesis. But I'm not complaining, because everyone sometimes is having a hard times ( but why we can't make it easier together...?) So the life few months ago was the same, but in other way a little bit different because I understood that I need to change something or I will stay at this state of living forever. I'm not talking about trunks of money or a best paid job ever, I'm talking about the possibility to feel that you're are alive and you're doing something meaningful. So I found an idea what I would do with a million dollars. I said to my friends " With a million bucks I will totally go to the Hawaii and make a farm of turtles"( absolutely not for food industry). They just looked and me with a a little bit of pity laugh. Yep, this idea maybe are silly and maybe not possible to implement, but hell, so was with the mans idea to travel around the world or to send someone to space. Maybe my comparisons is to big, but sometimes to change something for one person is the same hard as to travel around the world or reach the space for whole humankind. And this whole idea of farm of turtles is not just a idea to grow turtles, it is an idea to create place where all lost people can get calm sanctuary to get time with themselves and find the true "inner me". So how everything should look? I'm not sure, that's why I need your help. Maybe it should look like a place where time is not compared with the money, but compared with a possibility to do things which you really like to do, the place where you can, maybe just for a few weeks or maybe months or maybe more, live your life without permissions, without people who tell you what, when and where to do. It should be a sanctuary of peace and goodwill. And I know that I'm not the first person who is thinking the day after day and can't live anymore without feeling that he should find way how to reach the true himself and then help other people to do the same. Why turtles? Because for me they are opposition of fast living without looking at the moment. And it is not about turtles, it is about the place where you can for a while be a part of a real community, where no one is trying to be better THAN others, but everyone is trying to be better FOR others. I'm not sure how to reach this goal, how to create such a place where WE can enjoy the life without being exploit by others, to be a best friends everyday, to change our attitude and come back to society as a better people, as a people who not consume, but who create. More real thoughts about this project. First of all I was thinking about blog writing or creating videos about this idea and how we can do that, but as you see my English is not really perfect. But maybe it is a still good idea to start with. And the reason why I come here because why not, why not to try when you can. I'm tired of people who is always saying that something is not possible. I know that is possible when we are doing it together and I so deeply believe that this idea will be approved and loved by others. In short explanation I just trying to find a community of people who supports idea of slow living and like to create much more than to consume. And if you have any similar idea or ideas please write to me, because together we are stronger than one by one. So if you read it all from very beginning I really appreciate you for your time which you spent reading and I really wish you to find yourself and I hope that even if you don't like what I wrote you maybe just for a minute thought about the possibility to make a choice to live life as you want to live. never forget to reach your dreams.


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Ovidijus Varanauskas

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