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Beacon Tree Foundation is dedicated to being an advocate for the family, providing education about treatment and financial resources to heal children struggling with Mental Health issues and create hope for the future. Tax ID 26-2471438


Beacon Tree Foundation is a non-profit organization whose board is comprised of a substance abuse treatment provider, licensed psychologist, for-profit and non-profit providers of an array of mental health services, a children’s mental health resource center, and parents of children with significant mental health issues; mothers labeled as responsible for their children’s challenges and fathers seemingly powerless to change their children’s lives.  The Beacon Tree board has spent an aggregate of $1,750,000 on treatment for their children.  Some have abandoned hope of financial security, their savings and retirement plans drained.  Others have taken on crushing debt, fighting to keep their children alive and help them lead productive lives.  

Beacon Tree is committed to providing financial support to families to avoid acute crises in their children and provide seamless access to mental health resources. Through the award of small grants, Beacon Tree supports families in defraying the cost of treatment, and by partnering with service providers, informs them of resources that may be available. Ensuring that families whose children need treatment can access it and that they have the financial resources and information necessary to complete that treatment is critical.   

Many families access services when they have the means and discontinue them when their resources have been expended.   Private insurance will not pay for multiple interventions, even if proven effective in changing a child’s trajectory and many families are unaware of other alternatives.  

As the family’s advocate, Beacon Tree is working to create an environment where all children get the treatment they need when they need it.