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CROWDRISE : Jan 10, 2014
Tax ID: 77-0630832
BASED: Lenexa, KS, United States


Each Rescue gets a Vet

We at Beak n Wings believe that every Rescue bird we take into our care needs a full medical exam. If this happened we can prevent and treat common bird ailments and provide potential adopters with a full medical profile for each bird so that whomever chooses to adopt a rescue is making an informed choice to the best of our ability. Here's the problem, Beak n Wings, a small not for profit, can't afford it! A comprehensive avian exam cost approximately $100.00 and we take in an average of 100 birds per year. We need help if we could raise half the cost of exams that would be such a boost to meet the goal of "Every Rescue Bird deserves to see a veterinarian"…When parrots see a vet they become rock stars, check out the video!

Beak n Wings, Inc. was founded in Shawnee Mission, Kansas in 1999, beginning as an educational and hobby club, evolving into a rescue and adoption organization.   Our goal is to save unwanted, or abused birds, "rehabilitate" them, and find good, permanent, loving environments.

There is a little known growing crisis in the United States and only a few 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organizations can help.  Beak n Wings is one of those organizations.  People acquire exotic birds as companion pets, but many are unprepared.  They soon discover that parrots, including lovebirds, budgerigars/budgies (parakeets), and cockatiels, are noisy, messy, eat continually, discard bits of food everywhere and leave bird droppings throughout their habitat.  Owners also learn that exotic birds can be destructive (birds are instinctively programmed to chew and shred wood, whether it is a perch, toy, picture frame, or furniture).   The parrot that started as a desired exotic pet is neglected, discarded or, worse, abused. 

Thousands of birds sold each year by the pet trade go to buyers who do not have accurate expectations about living with a bird. Frustration, disinterest, lack of concern, lead many people to abandon their birds to local shelters or bird rescues, or set them free to survive or die. 

Tax ID: 77-0630832 •


Rescued Parrots Need Veterinary Care

Rescued Parrots Need Veterin…

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