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Imagine it's your mother, sister, wife or child...they are beaten and abused daily...raped unprotected by over 20 different men a day, forced to work in labor camps or even still your newborn infant being raised in the most unsanitary conditions for child molesters & pedophiles to prey upon...this is the reality of the sex trafficking industry.

I first learned of the atrocities of sex trafficking my freshman year in 2007 at Northwest University from my friend Jessica; it broke my heart that there was such an industry & even worse; a market of consumers that out-ranked pornography, drugs, weapons & all major sports combined. These consumers are not nameless faces; they are fathers, husbands, some may even be your co-workers or friends & yet their secret goes with them simply because people are unaware.

Right now there are over 27 million silenced voices who are enslaved in this multi-billion dollar industry that is rapidly growing due to the global financial crisis & failing economies world-wide. On average; every 30 seconds; someone is trafficked and the average age of these victims is 12 years old. Let's not for a second think that because for the majority of us; we are from a first world nation that these realities don't affect us; because sadly, we are often the primary consumer on these weak & abused victims.

The A21 Campaign is a non-profit organization; dedicated to the raising of awareness & conviction of traffickers across the world, they have fought for & won hundreds of cases over the years leading to multiple years of incarceration & hundreds upon thousands of dollars in fines for these traffickers.They are committed to bringing justice across the earth & restoration for the broken & hurting victims of this gruesome industry that preys upon the innocence of human life.

I first learned about A21 during my studies here in Sydney. They are a local non-profit organization with a global outreach extending to various countries in Eastern Europe, the U.S.A & beginning to lay the foundations for offices on the continent of Africa. For the past few years I have donated my birthday to these causes of social justice between A21 & other organizations of like-minded focuses. My dream this year is to raise $270,000 by my 27th birthday next year for A21. In essence over the next 365 days; if 100 people commit to $8 a day for the next year we will surpass this goal. Okay, your immediate reaction is he sounds like a needy charity commercial. The reality is this is not an issue of religion but an issue of humanity's morality. Every person of every faith, every nation & every walk of life can agree on this one thing; that freedom; is the right of every individual.


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Stephen James


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