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Plan International USA's Fundraiser:

Because I am a Girl!

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A global initiative for Plan International, Because I am a Girl is a multi-faceted program that will directly improve the lives of 4 million girls in the developing world by 2015. Based on decades of experience and in-depth research, we know that changing the lives of girls changes the world. Community driven projects will address the areas most critical to women and girls: clean water, food security, healthcare, education, microfinance, and protection from violence and exploitation.

So, What is the Problem?

Girls in developing countries face overwhelming odds from the moment they are born. Because she is a girl, she’s more likely to suffer from malnutrition, be forced into an early marriage, be subjected to violence, be sold into the sex trade, or become infected with HIV. Because she is a girl, she faces discrimination in her own home. Because she is a girl, she’ll have limited access to a doctor or even a primary education (if she’s able to go to school at all). But we’re here to change all that. Because being a girl should always be a positive, empowering experience.

What We're Doing

Through our sustainable development projects, we reach out to the most marginalized and vulnerable populations of girls around the world, rigorously measuring our impact every step of the way. However, its not just a girl thing. We actively and strategically engage men and boys to take an active role in all of our initiatives because real change can’t happen without the support of the entire community. 

The Long Term Impact

Experience and research consistently show that improving the lives of girls also lifts the condition of their families and their communities. Quite simply, investing in girls is the key to breaking the cycle of global poverty. Girls can change the world. But they can't do it without support.

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2% Raised of $1,000,000 Goal

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The Team: $21,744 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Donor Comments

Christine Gorman

Christine Gorman

2 days ago

Jason Feldman

Jason Feldman

5 days ago

Brian and Lisa Pearl

Brian and Lisa Pearl

7 days ago

Fernando Paiz

Fernando Paiz

My sincere condolences regarding your father- God bless. 7 days ago



7 days ago

Megan Cotter

Megan Cotter

1 week ago

Delia Vidal

Delia Vidal

So glad to know the children of Tarsem & Manjit, remembering a great family 2 weeks ago

David Anderson

David Anderson

What a wonderful and inspirational tribute for your father! 2 weeks ago



2 weeks ago

Pushpa Aunty, Gopal & Meera

Pushpa Aunty, Gopal & Meera

Super support for you guys and this charity - let me know how it goes maybe in Leeds we can do the real walk your dad did one day x x x 2 weeks ago