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Community Carnival And Funraising Event
August 31, 2016

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Her story

It's called Gwen's Law, named for the late Gwen Cox, who was killed in an act of domestic violence. 43 year-old Michael Scott Salley of Grand Cane kidnapped his wife, Gwen Cox Salley when she went to a local day care center to pick up her seven year old daughter. It happened at Butterfly Gardens Child Care Center in Stonewall. Manager of the daycare center where Gwen's daughter tells  that the she saw what happened and pushed the couple’s daughter out of harm’s way. She then yelled to the students and staff to get down and call 9-1-1. A witness followed Salley’s car and called police. Salley forced the woman to drive to a secluded area off the Johns Gin Road in Caddo Parish. Deputies on the scene heard several shots And discovered that Michael Salley shot Gwynette Salley and then turned the gun on himself. Both were pronounced dead at the scene. Her husband did take his own life, but first, he took the life of his wife, too.

"She was my best friend, wonderful mother of a 7-year old, that was her life," said Theresa Pearl Donald, Gwen's sister. A life her husband-,Michael Salley threatened more than once. The first time, he held his family hostage but ended up letting them go. That's when Gwen knew-it was time to go. Salley was arrested soon after and a restraining order was issued. And the very judge that signed the order ,also signed Salley's bond to be released. And it was just 18 hours later. Then he went to his daughter's daycare, waited outside for Gwen and their little girl  and, shot Gwen and then himself. Their little girl got away. "I want it to be called Gwen's Law so hopefully she didn't die in vain if it could just save one other woman one other life I know she will be happy about that," said Gwen's father. Now the community, lawmakers and this family have come together to prevent this from happening again. This bill gives the victim a voice about what happens to her abuse -- Gwen's family truly believes things could have turned out differently, and Samantha wouldn't be growing up without a mom or a dad. The law provides a way for a victim to have input on whether or not bail is set. The district attorney will also be able to participate in the process. Gwen's Law also directs the judge to make a danger assessment to see if they need a cool down period. Even if granted bail,it will also allow the judge to order an electronic monitoring device, so they know where they are at all times.

Our story

It takes a village to protect our women and children!We are a group of women who are establishing a safe haven in honor of "Gwen Cox Salley" in Desoto Parish to provide crisis accommodation for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. The safe haven called The Gwen's Safe Haven, is our local community solution to a national problem. Our aim is to help women like Gwen, and their children, escape from domestic violence before its to late and/or rebuild their lives. We started the project in 2016 and have been working hard to open the doors of Gwen's Safe Haven before the end of this year. We are passionate about helping victims of domestic violence. We believe a whole of community response is vital to the success of the project. We see this project as an opportunity for other women to stand with us to make a personal contribution to eradicating the blight of domestic violence in our society.We approval to make alterations at the property to enable us to offer accommodation to up to 15 women and children. We have been working hard to raised enough funds to open the doors of Gwen's Safe Haven once alterations have been completed before the end of the year. What others are saying Domestic Violence survivor, Teresa Donald commented when asked at our community carnival. "It really is a local solution to a national problem," she said. "It's also a tangible solution. These 15 beds could be the difference between life and death for these women "When other people hear about such a campaign, they will want to get involved" You can be part of our Village Our aim is to raise even more funds so that once we open the doors of Gwen's Safe Haven, we can keep them open. This is your opportunity to step up and be part of a community solution which answers the call for help from domestic violence victims. We need your donations and pledges to support Gwen's Safe  Haven . Please help raise awareness by sharing this campaign with others. We would love you to spread the message across Desoto Parish and the rest of our great state as part of a broader SW response to the domestic violence.



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