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BEE Conscious- Zach's dream to raise honey bees and human consciousness

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"Bee" conscious! The dwindling honeybee population has made many across the globe very concerned, from the White House garden to Great Britain and beyond, the fight is on to save agriculture's busiest workers. With much of the food we eat reliant on the honey bee population, you could understand their concern.

My name is Zach Stewart and I want to create a bee farm, here in rural Tennessee located in the cumberland plateau. As many of us know there is a state of emergency among the beekeepers in America and all over the world. The bees are disappearing! Which means many plants, flowers and vegetables, which we use everyday, are at risk! I want to start a bee farm, from the ground up, located at the Isha Institute of Inner-Sciences, a non-profit organization where I work as a full time volunteer. For a few years now I have worked with a few hives of my own and have done a lot of studying and research on these fascinating insects. I also have a friend, a very experienced beekeeper who is close by and ready to lend his support whenever it is needed. We have a vast and bountiful forest, a perfect backdrop to a large hive operation! 

My goal is to start up 34 hives this spring and if possible, expanding it further throughout the year. I plan to conduct nature awareness sessions for children during the Kids Summer Camp at Isha. I also plan to have lessons for adults on how to keep their own beehives, in the hopes that they will expand these efforts from here into the local community and promote sustainable livelihood. All honey and other honey bee products will be used by Isha's very own kitchen and on site health clinic. Any surplus will be sold through Isha shoppe as a financial support solely for the Institute.
I am very excited about this project. On one hand this will be a much needed contribution to the aid of one of the most pressing issues in ecology today. On the other hand a big support to a beautiful and life changing organization who's aim is to raise the consciousness of the very species responsible for the source of this! We all MUST Bee Conscious! ;)

Here is the break down, each hive consists of these components:
 8 frames with wax foundation
 5 supers (hive box)
 1 inner cover and outer cover
 and a screened bottom board

What is needed
 1,360 frames
 1,360 wax foundation sheets
 170 Supers  (hive boxes)
 34 Inner covers
 34 screened bottom boards
 34 outer covers
 total cost for parts of hive body $6,500 - $7,000

 Let's not forget the bees! They come in packages of a few thousand including one queen, so 34 packages will be around $3,000 - $3,500

This means it is going to take $9,500 - $10,500 in total, to reach my goal, contributing a thriving bee population to this area, which will support the local ecology and not to mention surrounding farmers crops. These bees will also expand on their own throughout this region. So this will not just end with the hives created here, this will have a ripple effect throughout the surrounding landscape as the bees expand their colonies outward from the established hives! Not to mention a significant ongoing financial support to the Isha Institute of Inner-Sciences!

Any funds received through this effort, whether the goal is reached or not, will go toward my beekeeping project. Every penny counts, whatever amount you can contribute, a few dollars or 100 dollars will make a difference in making this happen.

Thank you so much for any contribution! 
My warmest regards,
Zach Stewart

P.S. I will be updating all of you with photos of our progress, so keep checking back to see what is happening!


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