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Jacob Morris' Fundraiser:

Bee's Knees Supply Co. in Support of Camp Kita

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Jacob Morris



Thank you for your donation to Camp Kita as part of Bee's Knees Supply Co. fundraiser (and raffle of Cantillon). We appreciate your support and invite you to join us on May 14 for a fun beer and wine tasting in support for Camp Kita. Details to follow!

About Camp Kita:

With diligent fundraising and generous donors,  Camp Kita's tuition is free of charge. 


About Us

Camp Kita is a summer camp open to children ages 8-17 who are survivors of a loved one's suicide. The camp was established in 2013 by the Mosher siblings, many years after losing their father to suicide. Like many suicide survivors, the Mosher’s recognize the large impact suicide leaves behind on many American’s.  

The Need

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in 2011, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death for Americans—equating to an American dying by suicide once every 13.3 minutes. In a broader sense, every 13.3 minutes even greater amounts of people are impacted as family and friends are left behind to grieve the lost of a loved one caused by suicide.  While these numbers are staggering, the topic of suicide is often avoided or reserved due to the common stigmas that come from one choosing to take their own life—this leaves the survivors, many just children, to suffer in silence.

Our Mission

Our mission at Camp Kita is to provide a safe, constant environment for young survivors of suicide, by giving direction through common interests, activities and grief management.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where child survivors can connect with one another while learning constructive ways to deal with the often unspeakable and fierce emotion of losing a parent to suicide.  By creating a space for child survivors, we effectively ease the stigma around what it means to have lost a parent to suicide.  The campers’ shared loss and experience affords them the opportunity of forming deep, knowing bonds with others and thereby forging supportive connections that we hope will last a lifetime.  As a community of survivors, our week-long focus will be to provide and explore constructive forms of self-expression.  We will practice self-awareness as a way of identifying feelings and communicating them in a focused way.  Our focus on grief—on shattering apart—will dovetail with an equally important focus on hope—the power and purpose of piecing oneself together.  Most importantly, we will empower campers to utilize the tools and resources we provide so that they may draw upon them throughout their lives.


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