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Elisabeth Williams' Fundraiser:

A Private Glimpse Into the Vatican Museums

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Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums wrote -

The Italian & International Patrons of the Arts invite you for an exclusive soirée in the Vatican Museums: Saturday 17 June @ 6 pm

Join us afterhours in the labyrinth of Vatican Museum galleries. . . 

Meander through the most ancient part of the Apostolic Palace. . . Admire frescoes alluding to the rebirth of Rome 

Be embraced by the ambrosial energy in an unfilled Sistine Chapel. . . Pause in the peace of inestimable art

Envelop yourself in the choir of angels  

Toast the sunset 

Reservations required: $100 per person for event attendance

$500 donation requested for annual membership

$1000 donation requested for annual family membership

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Donations fund art access projects in the Vatican Museums, including “Touching Art Interactive Educational Displays.” This project is designed and dedicated to the blind and visually impaired, located in the Vatican Museums Pio Christian Section. The Pio Christian Museum houses the most important collection of Early Christian sculpture in the world. In order to permit everyone to experience the collection the curators have designed a special tactile display that provides resin casts of five chosen works, accompanied by an explanation.  

Questions, please contact Amy Gallant Sullivan: amy@vaticanpatrons.it 

The Italian & International Patrons also support various artistic and educational experiences for children and the visually and hearing impaired, marking the first of their kind in Italy. Read about some of our projects: http://www.vaticanpatrons.it/projects-italian-international-patrons-of-the-arts.htm

The Team: $2,050 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR


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