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Quasia Jones' Fundraiser:

A Woman's Quest to Accountability

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Money donated to Crusade to Accountability will help a Gen Y brat take deliberate lessons in accountability, ethics and actual in the flesh conviction to live up to high standards.

Something we can all agree Millennials could use a level up on, am I right? And iPad brats coming up behind us? Forget it!

So first, who am I and why should you care?

I'm a 33 year old woman who recently overcame homelessness and now works in the non-profit sector for the homeless community.

No, this isn't about curing homelessness.

However, in my transition from homelessness to supporting my family, I tripped over a stark realization: Positive intentions are the first ingredient to bad choices.

The bright side to that is, it's also the first ingredient to good choices too.

I've become obsessed with observing the mechanisms of behavior between both. Cracking this code would not only help me as a productive human being, but pave the way for a whole, rich way of life for my two beautiful children.

To bring stillness to the clients I serve in my community, many of whom have had their lives snatched away at the mercy of budget cuts.

To inspire the cohorts to get rise above the CTSD (cynics traumatic slack disorder)



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Quasia is working on selecting a charity so you can support A Woman's Quest to Accountability.