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Beirut NGOs need differen support

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Hey everyone, my name is Hesham . I currently live in Cairo, Egypt and I am planning on traveling to Lebanon in October to visit many Lebanese NGOs i.e. (Basmeh & Zeitooneh‎) and through them i will visit the Syrian refugee camps. I am qualified in doing budget and planning, its my profession and i used to offer my experience and help for free to the NGOs. As some of you may know, there is a major humanitarian crisis happening right now and the refugees are fleeing a brutal civil war in their homeland. So the programs that were targeted in our campaign each focus on a particular area of the journey that many refugees find themselves part of, from economic and social isolation, to active participation in their community. This journey starts from the provision of basic assistance for the most acutely vulnerable, continuing on to the facilitation of economic independence, and finally the reduction of social isolation. Since the Lebanese economy is depending on tourism and transfers from people working abroad it became so hard to consume the Syrian refugees in the economic cycle. I was in Lebanon for a couple of times, am aware with the country sides but the problem that faces me that I cannot afford travelling again to offer my free service also the NGOs are starving for any donations due to huge responsibilities and programs, I will be traveling alone this time and I will devote my entire 2 weeks visiting various NGOs and traveling to different camps throughout the country. i will be working the whole 2 weeks to set the budget and program costs with the NGOs. i will be documenting what i can, also be doing whatever i can to simply be there and help with whatever is needed. I am planning to travel to Lebanon the week of 5th October for 14 days. The funds would simply go towards the airfare and finding a place to stay in Beirut. A round trip to Beirut right now is $250 dollars with an estimated $550 for a place to stay in Beirut. Anything extra raised past the goal would be personally donated to the IRC; an organization helping refugees. You do not know how this trip can be beneficial to raise more fund to various NGOs through good budgeting and planning in order to allow them fulfill good proposals to other donor, I cannot express how much this trip would mean to me. i believe you understand how much war can devastate the lives of the innocent people and now we are trying to help them to be isolated in the new society and prepare them mentally and technically to gain their own income in a decent way instead of being criminal or beggars. As some of you already know, I spent many years volunteering in NGOs inside Egypt offering my free service and make people up and running in doing their work. Reflecting on that experience has really changed my perspective on so much of what is going on in this region of the world. I've been looking for ways to help and connect with these people since this crisis began. I will be continually grateful for anyone able to help offer their prayers and support. Thank you!!



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