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Belief in hard times

Organized by: mark deal

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                                My name is Mark Deal. (yes that's really my last name changed from the German Diehl many years ago.) Let me introduce myself and my family, because that's who this is really about. I'm nothing special, grew up in a very small town in the foothills of central CA. Average student and graduated with no real aspirations in life besides playing music. Few years later I married my now wife(whom I've known since high school) and had not much of anything but our love and a baby on the way('95.) Fast forward a few years and my second child is born('97.) A few years later and my wife is going to college to get her first degree in registered nursing(99.) I continue to work and consider the future.

                  In 2000 I land my first union job and start to enjoy full benefits, vacation, regular pay raises and a possible career I could retire from. In 2001 my wife graduates from nursing school with a degree and promptly goes to work at the local children's hospital. We start to enjoy a bit of financial freedom and accrue a bit of debt but things look promising. In 2005 my wife is sidelined by an auto accident that impairs her health for a year and a half(we file bankruptcy in 2006.) She recovers and gets back to work in late 2007 making more money than she did before and the future looks really good! What was going on behind the scenes was my wife's mental health was slowly deteriorating as the pressures of work and life built up. In late 2010 my wife came home early from work curled up in a ball and told me she couldn't do it anymore. This was her first time inpatient at a psychiatric hospital(she has been inpatient 4 times since.) I believed our lives (as we knew it) were over.. we would have no recourse (at least financially) from her losing her job. State disability gave us approximately a year and we were sure she would recover by then.

                               My wife proved to be quite refractive to medications that were used for her now diagnosed bi-polar disorder. we tried many and in late 2010 we tried a medication called lithium(an older simpler medication that's been used for years with rare side-effects.) she had a reaction. It sent my wife's health into a downward spiral that impaired not just her mental health but her physical health as well. We applied for long term SSDI which is a notoriously long process. In less than a year we were approved for it..(a miracle) she was officially considered disabled. I continued working at my job and pressed onward. Both my children had shown symptoms of behavioral disorders and were diagnosed and treated as such. My older had a rough time of it but rose above and persevered after high school was able to attain a degree in cosmetology and start a new life for herself(even had my first grand-baby this year!)

                         My younger would prove to be a bigger challenge as she began having epileptic seizures at the age a 2 and proved to be refractory to most medications. Her uncontrolled seizures led to permanent brain damage that effects her quality of life to this day as well as mental illness. She is deemed as functionally disabled. Looooong story short we all had our ups and downs as a family too many and possibly too private to list.  My wife's health continues to deteriorate and more of her systems seem to take ill. Fast forward to 2016.. My wife is continually getting worse and NO doctor can figure it out! She takes several meds a day to wake up every morning and keep her mentally and physically stable throughout the day Multiple surgeries for gastrointestinal problems. Her liver has shown signs of cancer(so far nothing malignant.) Multiple endocrine imbalances that I'm sure play into her mental state(but no doctor will listen to that notion.) overall muscle weakness and pain(diagnosed fibromyalgia.) The question is then why am I asking for money??

                         Our financial "picture" has never been stable and we've been known to let our emotions rule our financial decisions. Indeed we have debt! Created by us, created by medical bills. My once all in-compassing medical plan has been downgraded so much over the years it's hardly recognizable anymore. We don't have fancy cars. We have one car that is nearing 17 years old and is not running at this time and one car that is still in the process of being paid off that is over 12 years old. We don't splurge much aside from the vacation we just took mostly to witness my granddaughter being born. My wife has student loans that are 6+ years old that she has tried to have discharged. We have debt, we have issues. Just this last year we were asked to leave our home we were renting, suddenly and we were forced to find a short term, very high interest loan to cover all the moving expenses. As well a side claim for my daughter's SSI claim under my wife's SSDI claim lapsed and went through a review process that could take months meanwhile we lose $1,000 a month that we were used to getting. we're behind on most of our bills(a month or 2.) and have just enough money to keep a roof over our heads and pay for prescriptions which go into the $300-$400 range every month. the question is: why do i believe we deserve this money?

                            Well I don't believe we deserve anything. I would like the opportunity to "shore-up" as it will all of our bills and get out of debt once and for all. Possibly get into a new more reliable vehicle as trips to the doctor's offices usually are over an hour away since we live in rural area. Not looking to buy "stuff" either. My appetite for stuff has diminished over the years as well as some hard realizations of what is really important in life. We are both Christians.. not holiday Christians either. We go to and I serve weekly at our local church. I use what musical gifts I have to add to our praise and worship team. We truly believe that God has a plan even through all of our hardship. If raising money through this medium is a part of the plan than so be it.. if not.. than so be it! I figured it couldn't hurt to try. There it is I told my hard luck story! There are a ton of details left out that would take more than a short novel to list. many lows and also some highs. All in all we're still kicking, we still believe in God's plan and as the healthy member(for now)of my household I will never stop advocating for the health of my family no matter what more befalls us! I stand with them and I stand for my beliefs. If you read all this thank you for your time. God bless you and yours!



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