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Bellwether Housing

We'd love your help and support by creating your own fundraiser in support of Bellwether! Tax ID 91-1116960


At Bellwether, our mission is to provide excellent affordable apartments that enable low-wage working people, their families and low-income seniors to live independently throughout their lives.  


Since our founding in 1980, Bellwether has met the needs for affordable rents by buying, building, and managing apartments in urban locations.  In addition, our team provides technical assistance to other nonprofits so their clients can also live in safe, stable apartments. We coordinate with other organizations to support our residents who need services and we advocate for resources to increase the availability of affordable places to live. Our skilled employees are committed to the residents and communities served, working every day with respect, integrity, community and excellence.


Bellwether’s work helps keep communities livable and accessible for everyone by providing these triple bottom-line benefits:


·         Business succeeds: when employees are able to get to work every day, on time, business owners and employers reduce turnover, save money and provide better service to their customers.  And families with money left over after rent are likely to spend it in their communities – to buy food, clothing, school supplies and other necessities.

·         Residents succeed: many working people in Seattle and King County live from paycheck-to-paycheck.  Families and individuals thrive when they can afford to pay rent and still have money left for groceries, health care and transportation.  Children who have a reliable place to do homework do much better in school.  And, people who can afford rent tend to be healthier as their stress is reduced.

·         The environment improves: when people can live near jobs, services and transit, they drive less.  This results in better air quality and a reduced carbon footprint.


So, are you in? We'd love to have your support! You can learn more at