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Loriana Di Gino's Fundraiser:

Providing Clean Water for 3000 People in the DRC

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ORGANIZER: Brilliant

EVENT DATE: Dec 30, 2015

Loriana Di Gino


Hello Friends and Family!!

As you may (or may not) know I have recently joined the incredible team at Brilliant Earth. For those of you who don't know us, we are a company that sources conflict free diamonds and recycled metals for engagement rings and wedding rings. On top of that, we donate 5% of our profits to help support nonprofit agencies and give back to communities that have been adversely affected by diamond mining. 

This past summer, BE opened a school for children vulnerable to mining in the Lungudi mining district in the DRC with our donation partner, DDI. Now, through fundraising as a staff, we're looking to partner with that same community to construct clean water wells to serve 3000 people. It's been an exciting journey to launch this fundraiser and get my colleagues in on the action as well.

PLEASE support our goal of raising $10,000 for another community, one far away in the DRC but just as human, just as eager to make the most of their lives. Please give what you can this holiday season to support happier lives through clean water and better health.

  • $20 provides clean water for a family of 6 for 2 years
  • Every $100 is 5 families with clean water for 2 years 
  • Every $600 maintains 1 well for 1 year, serving 1500 people

(Keep scrolling to learn more about our work supporting education in this same community in the Lungudi mining region, DRC.)

Thank you in advance!!


Brilliant Earth wrote -

Brilliant Earth is proudly raising funds for the construction and maintenance of two clean water wells in Lungudi, a rural diamond mining community in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Lungudi community members identified the wells as their most urgent need. The two wells will provide clean water for 3000 community members for two years.

The wells will be constructed in the communities surrounding the Brilliant Mobile School, the only primary school in Lungudi. Funded by Brilliant Earth, the Brilliant Mobile School was opened in July 2015 in collaboration with the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI). The school brings education to 25 boys and girls, mostly between ages 7 and 14. Many of the children attending would otherwise be forced to mine for diamonds and receive no formal education.

Through this partnership with DDI, we can connect our community of Brilliant Earth couples, supporters, and team members to build a brighter future for a community impacted by the diamond trade.


Why does this matter?

Access to clean water is crucial to health in the community.

  • Without clean water, communities see an increase in waterborne and sanitation-related illnesses, such as cholera, typhoid, Hepatitis A, and even Ebola.
  • The World Health Organization estimates that diseases from unsafe water kill more people than all forms of violence, including war.
  • 90% of the 30,000 people who die every week from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions are children under five years old.

Access to clean water means more opportunities for women and children.

  • It's estimated that, on the African continent alone, 40 billion hours are spent annually walking to collect water.
  • The majority of this burden is borne by women and children, eroding opportunities for education, outside employment, sports, and recreation.



Additional notes:

  1. To read more about the Brilliant Mobile School, please reference TIME Magazine’s For 40 Lucky Children, an Escape From Congo’s Diamond Mines.
  2. The Diamond Development Initiative works to transform artisanal mining into a source of sustainable community development. To learn more about their work, please reference DDI's website.

  3. For reference and further reading on global water facts mentioned above, please reference the World Health Organization here and here.


  • Katie Callahan


  • Marco and Marie Di Gino



22% Raised of $1,000 Goal

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Marco and Marie Di Gino

Marco and Marie Di Gino


3 years ago

Katie Callahan

Katie Callahan


3 years ago