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the Scientist

the Scientist
CROWDRISE : May 18, 2015
Tax ID: 45-3136367
BASED: Evanston, IL, United States


Help ONE Person Today

Through Benevolent, your charitable contribution can help ONE person over an important challenge. It's validated, trusted and secure. Step in and be part of someone's solution today.

Help ONE Person Today. 

On Benevolent, people tell their own stories and outline their needs. A helping professional who knows the person validates the person's need. You decide to help, and give what you can.


When low-income families can't access the funds to fix a car, pay a security deposit or enroll in classes, they can become stuck, unable to make progress towards important goals. That's where you come in. Through Benevolent, you can step into the story of a person striving for stability and sustainability by making a charitable contribution simply, transparently and securely.


How We Give Is Transforming

Join a flurry of donors coming together to move a roadblock for someone on the way to success and be a part of the solution for one person, right now.

Tax ID: 45-3136367 •


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