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Here I am, trying to save my brother's favorite animal by sending him to their rescue. ^_^ Most people associate penguins with ice caps and snow but most penguin species are from much warmer climates. I want to raise money to send my brother to help the African Penguins in Cape Town, South Africa.

My brother is turning 30 this year. When he was 16 I bought him his first penguin for christmas. It was a stuffed toy I got from the nature store in the mall. He loves it still to this day, his best friend Cedrick. He now has a collection of penguins that surround his room from different cities, states, and even countries that have been gifted to him by tons of people.

He recently told me if he could work with penguins he would be very happy. So I went in search of volunteer locations near him. >_> I sorta stumbled on one halfway around the globe.

The Penguin Conservation Centre in South Africa has 10 staffed employees. They receive nearly 1000 penguins yearly due to the oil spills along the coasts and with the little staffing they have they need help. They open up self funded volunteer oppurtunities at a minimal of 6 weeks.

My family are very big into letting people know where we stand on issues and one such issue is the oil crisis being covered up in Africa. Yes I have even made point to divert from all Shell and BP gas stations even at risk of running out and having to walk to the nearest not so evil oil company.

The spills in Africa are just as devistating as the oil spill off our own shore but a lot easier to cover up as laws and regulations, as well as media coverage, in Africa tend to differ. Species that were once thriving have been dropping drastically. Due to depleting fish populations and the exploiting of guano and peguin eggs, the African Penguins have lost 90% of their population, each oil spill putting them closer to the edge of extinction.

The PCC has lead the world in the rehabilitation of seabirds and has increased the population by 19% of what it would have been without their help. They have treated over 83,000 seabirds and the numbers continue to increase. This is an awesome accomplishment.

It would be so very great to see my brother fulfill his dream of working with penguins while helping them survive. That would make me cry happy tears.

My brother thinks most people are selfish and wont help him. He believes they wont care enough to take the time to give even a dollar. He had never heard of Crowd Rise and he finds it strange that in a world of so many selfish people such a site would work. He lost faith in humanity and I'm tryig to show him Love still exist in the world. He said there is so much potential for us a people but yet we destroy it with selfishness, why would a world like that help him or the penguins who's lives are covered in our oil spills and greed.

I'm here to show him that people do care. Even strangers care about his love for penguins and desire to help them. Even strangers will donate their time to send him money to help him fly halfway across the globe and help care for birds they may never see but know are now ok and it was their dollar that helped.

Thank you so very much for reading even part of this long explanation of why I want to raise money to send my brother to South Africa to feed and nurse penguins. :)



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