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"Dedicated to Collaborating, Coordination, and Implementing Services to the Homeless in Bennington County and Promoting Awareness." Tax ID 03-0346663


Nothing can be more devastating than not having a home. Yet, every night, hundreds of families and individuals in Bennington County are left on the street, in motels, couch surfing, or camping – and many of them are children. Bennington County Coalition for the Homeless is more than just a bed! We strive for sustainable solutions that empower homeless families and individuals by offering them a hand up and the tools for the second chance they deserve. No matter how foreign a homeless shelter might seem from the comfort and warmth of our own homes, we are all just one incident away from being homeless ourselves. We are called to bring new hope, compassion, and opportunity to those in need so that they can rebuild their lives. We are called to re-store self-respect to those who have been humiliated by what has happened to them. With every homeless person you encounter, you must remember that there is a long and sad story. By listening, your own lives will be transformed. Some are educated, laid off, or work full time. Other are held captive by their addiction or mental illness. Many are escaping toxic and violent situations. They are veterans, elderly, children, or disabled. Even with a day center, an emergency shelter, a family shelter, and a long-term housing facility for people working on their sobriety we still maintain a waiting list of people in need of our services. The need is outpacing the available resources. We must address the immediate need and seek long term solutions to end homelessness through education, awareness, and action!

Founded in 2001, Bennington County Coalition for the Homeless works hard to facilitate new beginnings for homeless families and individuals throughout Bennington County. Our supportive housing program is one of a kind and designed to assist homless families and individual’s transition into sustainable housing.  Our recently expanded program provides the building blocks necessary for people to become self-sufficient. Because we strive for sustainable solutions, clients are required to participate in coordinated case management and life skills programs. Our case managers offer supportive services designed to emphasize self-reliance and the skills people need to secure permanent housing. The goal: When an individual or family moves to permanent housing, they have the abilities to stay there. 




For more information regarding our mission or to get involved, please contact us at 802-442-2424.   Don't forget to stay connected, LIKE us on Facebook!