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Ben's Lighthouse

Ben’s Lighthouse Fund was created in honor of Ben Wheeler and his Sandy Hook School classmates to promote the long term health of the children and families in the region while nurturing an environment of non-violence and caring. Tax ID 06-6055192


The name Ben’s Lighthouse was a gift from the Wheeler family in honor of Benjamin Wheeler’s love of lighthouses. The lighthouse has become, in many ways, a perfect metaphor for what we aim to accomplish. 

The purpose of a lighthouse is to guide and protect, and that is how we see our role. We will establish programs, events and activities that enlighten and affirm each child in a safe environment: we will encourage conversation to gain understanding of how each child is coping; we will provide counsel and support when needed; we will recruit and utilize experts to deal with life’s events and circumstances that could be particularly troublesome for our kids; we will generate activities that promote a positive self-image and, for the older youth, that encourage community service. Throughout all these activities, we will always nurture an environment of non-violence and caring towards self and others.