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Bentley's Autism Therapy

Organized by: Julie Watt

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Bentley is the cutest & most lovable 2.5 year old you'll ever meet (Ok, I might be a little biased)! And while most kids his age are busy playing, learning new things, & just enjoying their childhood, Bentley has some extra obstacles to overcome in order to enjoy his childhood & learn new things the way the other kids can. That's because Bentley is on the Autism Spectrum.
While no mother wants to hear that their child has something wrong with them, hearing it's Autism can be especially difficult. That's because Autism is still so mysterious in its cause, its effects, its treatment, & especially its cure. Trying to understand what your child is facing and how best to help them is like trying trying to put together a 10,000 piece puzzle with the most important pieces missing.
Still, this is the hand our family has been dealt and as a family, we will get through this together. Autism or not, I am the luckiest mother in the world to have Bentley as my son! He is so sweet, so smart, & so funny.. He has everyone he meets in stitches & in love in minutes!
This brings me to the reason I'm creating this page to raise money... I have been searching the country to find the best Autism Programs around and try to get him into them. I was very surprised to find that all of the programs to assess & treat those on the Autism Spectrum have wait lists ranging from 6 months to 3 years & more! That's IF they'll even accept new clients! I still forged on and got Bentley on the lists for as many places as would help him.. and that's where we've been sitting for several months.
Well, I finally received the call I've been waiting to get! I imagine the feeling I got when I learned the news was similar to someone on a transplant list getting a call that a perfect-fit organ came available.. "An opening has become available for Bentley" in one of the top Centers in the country! I cried. For two reasons... The first was obvious elatedness- hope, relief, happiness- all washed over me... But the second reason was immediate distress. While an opening was free of charge, the services they will provide are definitely not!
We would need to come up with $2500 before his 1st appointment in order to start his therapies & assessments. This is the portion NOT covered by insurance.
While I would give or pay just about anything to get my son the help he needs (& the help for me in parenting him the way he needs me to), I just have no way of raising or saving that kind of money on my own... I'm a single mom of 2 boys & due to a severe car accident, I'm disabled and haven't been able to work or make a living for almost 7 years now. We already rely on the help of my parents to make our day-to-day ends meet.. I just didn't see how I'd be able to pull this off. But I signed Bentley up for the open spot in June regardless.
I decided to run a little lemonade stand with the kids as just a fun thing to do for a day & we would split all of the profits between the Autism Speaks foundation & our "Therapy Fund" for Bentley... We ended up with our 1st $75 in Bentley's fund & that was just for a couple hours of time & a couple dozen glasses of lemonade! People are really amazing and really wanted to help! I was so re-inspired!
So that lemonade stand led us here, to this page, in the hopes of raising the rest of the money in time for his first appointment.
It's hard to rely on the help of friends & strangers to be able to take care of your child, but it's also inspiring and can be a great life-lesson for our whole family... Especially the boys.
How amazing it would be to be able to one day explain to Bentley that "It was the generosity & care of others for you that gave you the help you needed, when you needed it the most!"
It is with this that I ask for your help in raising the money for my son's care & treatment. Please help me get him the therapy he needs and give him the chance of enjoying his childhood in the way every child deserves! I know the earlier he receives the right care & is given the necessary tools for managing this mysterious disorder, the better his future will be.. And the happier he'll be living it. And isn't that what we all want for our children?... The chance to be happy?!
From our family to yours, thank you so much for taking the time to read this & for your support,


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