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Berkeley Symphony Orchestra Tax ID 23-7219508


The mission of Berkeley Symphony is to champion symphonic music as a living art form – creating live performances and educational programs that engage the intellect, spark the curiosity, and delight the spirit of Berkeley and surrounding Bay Area communities. Anchored by the core values of innovation, community, and excellence, the Symphony’s goals are to:

  • Commission new music from composers whose work invigorates the symphonic repertoire;
  • Provide mentorship and career development opportunities for the next generation of composers;
  • Perform new and recently composed symphonic works alongside traditional repertoire, highlighting the development of classical music to the present day;
  • Identify, attract, and retain superb artistic leadership and musicians, ensuring the highest quality orchestra possible; and
  • Provide free, in-school music education programs for children that foster intellectual and physical skills for music performance and build the symphony audience of the future.