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Beth Resler Walters' Fundraiser:

Better Old Than Desperate!

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BENEFITING: Crisis Assistance Ministry

EVENT DATE: Nov 07, 2011

Beth Resler Walters


This fundraiser is meant to turn my moving more and more into the second half of life into a benefit for others -- not a bad symbol, eh?

Oh, I'm not saying give to Charlotte's Crisis Assistance Ministry instead of giving me a gift!  No, even if you never would have gifted me on my birthday, give not to me but other people!

Do you realize that each morning there are 200-300 or more different people who wait at the door of Crisis Assistance because poverty has invaded their lives and they have no other way to survive, short of moving to the streets.  There always are children, precious children, they have brought with them, often because there is no other support system to care for those kiddos!

If I were one of them it would be like gasping for air, not being able to get enough oxygen to breathe, I think.

So this gift you are going to make, for Beth Resler Walters' birthday, is for them... to ease their breathing, to make their lives a little bit better (or a whole lot better, comparatively) and to help them to their next birthday.

After all, you already have given me the gift of YOU!


P.S. When you make that contribution, I'll give you one of the rarest , most-unheardof-ofrewards in this whole world: I'll tell you how old I am as of Nov. 7!!!! 


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