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I joined the Kids Kamp as a volunteer. It was not easy for me at first because I was not sure of what to expect. However, I thought I did not have anything to loose. I decided not to follow the link but just go ahead and Google the Angel Foundation website and found out more about it. I signed up as a fundraiser at Crowdriser to help raise funds for the Kids Kamp event. I chose to help in the fundraising event because for ten years of my eighteen years of my life I have grown up in a family of seven and a large extended family where I have small nieces and nephew, and from my extended family is where I got the motivation to join the fundraising team. One of my uncles had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancers. This came as a result of excessive and prolonged smoking of cigarettes. 
He was a single parent at the time since my aunt had passed two years after the diagnosis. The kids were four and six at the time of diagnosis. It was not tough for him a single parent since he had a work at home job and was well off. However, the kids had a pretty tough time as their only parent could barely work nor get them their needs. They felt lonely and like outcasts since their friends had their both parents and healthy. They at some point could not talk to their friends whatsoever about what kind of problems they were undergoing at the time. All the savings their father had for them was all diverted to his treatment, for his medicines to help keep him. I wished I could help them out personally by adopting them but my family did not have much space for them plus their father, n besides that, we were not well off to support my and their family all together. I heard about Angel Foundation Kids Kamp event. I suggested their names for participation at the event. They were not did not feel comfortable at first because they did not know what to expect or do. With the help of those who were there before, the sponsors, the older kids being so generous and welcoming of the newer kids to the event, they felt at home and in no time they were socializing with the other kids and they made friends, lots of friends. This is where I got my inspiration from to help fundraise for the kids diagnosed with cancer. The best part about the fundraising is that 100 percent of all the proceeds are directed to the Kids Kamp event. The main aim of this event is to help motivate the kids, to give them a chance to feel a part of the community despite the challenge they may be facing. The event is to bring them closer to another hope for tomorrow in that some kids get school scholarships to help them pursue their studies; some are given some personal effects to use. Moreover, there are fun events too. The sponsors organize fun games and sports for example, soccer, and football, rope skipping, and dancing too.  There are many more events that could be included it all just depends on the amount donated. These are a few of the events that my nieces enjoyed and they felt at ease. Thanks to the Angel Foundation for the Kids Kamp event. This is why I ask all to donate and for me for you never know what tomorrow has in store.



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