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Better Productive Work/Exercise/Quality of Life Balance

Organized by: John Peters

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As most of the research in the just published e-book involved original work, we did not want to try the fund raising route yet, because it would have been quite difficult to explain the new ideas; but after having done the research and analysis, produced an e-book with the results, and expounded on them with reasons, charts, calculations, excel worksheets, etc. "Better Time Management for much Better Work/Exercise/Life Balance, Productivity, Intellectual and Physical Health, and much Better Quality of Life; with an "Enhanced Productivity Calendar App", on Amazon Kindle, the "App" is on Amazon App Store and Google Play. Blog:, suggestions and feedback are much appreciated. Customer service email:, We would want to work on the second phase of the project, which is beta testing the solution in one or few localities which we defined and gave examples before. The idea is to have proof of concept (POC) for the implementation: As the star trek formidable “carbon units”, human beings have to better themselves; in order to survive they have to work most of their lives on earth while trying to have some R&&R, then to keep some legacy to the next generation; So we have to research and ask how to optimize better management of our time on the planet: optimum Work/Quality of Life/Balance: (1) To maximize productivity levels, performance; and at the same time, (2) To maximize R&&R, Rest and Relaxation, better quality of life, personal time; as a result: to minimize stress levels, heart attacks and strokes; becoming healthier, less obese kids, teenagers and grownups; plus throw in a good measure of much better finances for the individual and for society. On the other hand the agile/scrum methodology for managing product/software development, was born with these objectives: (1) Maximize resources, staff ... efforts, (2) Minimize waste, and (3) Maintain high quality throughout the process. We go over the fact that: For 80% to 90% of the working population the primary goals of the different Agile/Scrum methodologies of project management coincide with our two main goals above: Goals match, Babylonians liked 60-base numbers, 60 minutes/hour, 60 seconds/minute; Mayans liked 20-base numbers, Hebrews liked 7, 77, sometimes 777, and 12, but these societies were agrarian, people worked mostly manual work 12- to 16 hour/day, especially during harvest; it did not matter how many days was the week as long as they got enough harvest. Ancient civilizations used the 7-day work/life cycle with offerings to different deities, with forbidden activities on the last day of the cycle (7th day or 49th, Google Babylonian Calendar). Hebrews copied the structure of the week and made the restrictions more ominous; that is why not too many people (almost none) tried to think outside the (time) box. After the industrial revolution the 6&&1 crumbled, work-life imbalances hit society very hard (people working 14-16 hour/day 6-7 days every 7, people died in the great labor wars, the 8 hour 5&&2 was born, which is better but it is not working out still as people are moving into intellectual service work nowadays. We go over the hardships for grown-ups that the 5&&2 straight-jacket time-box is inflicting on people of working age. We formulate an operations research optimization problem with principles and conditions, the main condition is: keep the present day socioeconomic contract between business and employee: a worker works all year, takes off weekends, 10 Holidays, 12 vacation days on average (which comes out to 1912 hours per year) for a negotiated salary, the end result: Employers get the same number of work hours from employees (only with much more productivity and much better performance)! We run finite (discrete) math simulations to try to find optimal solutions, which we found: Monetized wasted/lost time: keeping days with high productivity, improving R&&R, reducing high stress levels; all that by better time management solutions, leading to reduced unemployment, cost, boosting the economy and GDP; the Post Office budget and operational problems get a simple solution. Strengthening Social Security, etc. We go over the benefits that society could harvest from implementing the solution(s), More vitality, productivity involving everybody in society, adults and children, Benefits to businesses, to the huge economic impact on GDP, Strengthening the economy, bubbling up to local, State and Federal governments. We show how the physical health and health care systems are intricately related to work/life/balance cycle schedule, and to exercise/physical/mental fitness. We show alternative ways for implementation of the ideas in districts, small townships, colleges or company towns, university campuses, to States, Federal government with powerful health entities, hospitals, national scientific labs, clinics and health research centers, to VA hospitals, national agencies’ campuses, etc. all of these can fully benefit. PTA's are at the bedrock of this effort, it's the parents who decide what's better for their future generation, the campaign is to explain to the parents about the pitfalls and the benefits of the new paradigm for their children, as well as the (mainly pitfalls of the old 5&&2 stressful, heart clogging schedule, and then they will decide and hopefully vote for the better solution, (this does not affect what people eat, or what they do in their life, etc.) Then to go from there and have measurements every few months, a few general physical and intellectual tests, to try to see if there are differences in well-being from before and after. That's why we need physicians or nurses (hopefully volunteers) to take the measures, which could be the strength of muscles, etc.), but we have nurses and physicians in Hospitals, VA hospitals, schools, We are expecting to have NIH, the Federal National labs, CDC etc. the Mayo clinic, Cleveland clinic to be the first sponsors, to be at the forefront of this effort, (1) because that’s their primary mission: the betterment of the health of the general population, (2) just for the sake of betterment of their employees (and their families) work/life/balance. They already have all the ingredients, all the components, and they are almost there with respect to work time shifts, as Doctors and nurses, they just need a little streamlining in schedules in order for the muscles to keep their memory of exercise habits, which keeps the body in better shape, and with less stress that the 3&&1 helps provide, hence the whole person body and intellect get in much better shape. As we mentioned in $$11.9 for the possible research projects that could be pursued, research to contain the damages of the 5&&2 on the human condition, as well as research on the benefits of the new work/cycle/life schedule and to make that following the scientific method that has been beneficial to human beings for a long time. We encourage researchers and Principal Investigators (PI) from NIH, John’s Hopkins, or especially from Universities with Hospital affiliations (because research would be much easier with all the component structures nearby), PI’s who are interested to pursue the research projects outlined in $$11.9 or throughout the e-book, to contact us; we would be happy to partner with them on the research. We would welcome foundations to sponsor some of the projects, we would be happy to partner with them. We’ll try to set up a non-profit and try to conduct research, or later on help fund or to get grants to pursue these worthwhile research activities. In the meantime, you can buy as many books and “Apps” and give them to your friends, family and followers, offer more for the e-book or give donations, partly to work on enhancing the “App” to put contacts, more bells and whistles. And please give us more ideas including simpler or less arduous implementation possibilities, organizing advocating etc. Thank you


Organized by

John Peters

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