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Meagan Jeffrey's Fundraiser:

Better today for a better tomorrow

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EVENT DATE: Sep 06, 2013

Meagan Jeffrey


I am trying to help raise enough money and awareness to have all cities have recycling bins, composts and community gardens in all apartment and town house complex areas. I'd also like to see all parks have recycling bins next to the garbage cans. Recycling lessens the trash, lessening the dumps, which helps the environment. If we have a cleaner today, out children and their children will have a cleaner tomorrow. This is just a very small and easy step to take that makes a HUGE impact on our planet.


**This is important because apartment and town house complex's have a high amount of people living all in one area, ranging from all income states, all races, all ages and all genders. If we teach our children to recycle now, they will grow to do it without a second thought. And in these high populated areas, the less trash the better. Plus a community garden would bring people together, helping one another and getting to know each other, and would help lower the costs of groceries. Fresh food that's home grown with no pesticides is always a much healthier option.  Please help me, and the Ian Somerhalder foundation with this cause.
Thank you. **


Here is the link to Ontario Educational Communications Authority: Please check them out as well.


Here is a link to the Kitchener Ontario waste management: Where you can request recycling boxes and bins.


Here is a link to Toronto Green community, ideas for starting composts:


And, here is a link to Kitchener/Waterloo community gardens Together 4 health:


You can find the same links in your own home towns/cities if you just google it. Talk to your apartment building managers and town home complex managers before starting your own composts and or community gardens. If they will not support you in this, you can do your own small composts in your home, just google the ideas. :)






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