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Bhutanese Community in California

To help Bhutanese refugees set right foot forward in America by recognizing their vulnerability and need at the initial stage of struggle. Encourage and guide them in real world, focusing on the positive side of life towards self sustenance, further education and training. Raise the expectations to be responsible and competent and become a productive citizen in the United States. Give hope to the hopeless and hear the voice of the voiceless with tough love and compassion. Embody integrity and respect by working with efficiency, transparency and accountability and instill foundation of trust in the community. Tax ID 45-2757807


The first generation of Bhutanese in America will make a new beginning with hope and optimism for freedom, peace and prosperity. We envision supporting community leaders who will keep the community intact in the fabric of the new society, preserve our cultural heritage and maintain our own identity as Bhutanese American. The community will accept pragmatic changes; remain vibrant and continue to learn, adapt and progress. Collaborate with other social organizations and government agencies; enhance community projects and activities that give highest priority to employment, education and well-being of our people. Lobby for grants and donations to fund the projects and activities beneficial to the community and the generations to come.