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How do I say this?... Well, welcome back!  YES YOU who are viewing this for the first time (sort of).  Let me clarify exactly what just happened…


Three Days Forward…

Three days from now, there was a select group of people that did something extraordinary that would change the course of Christianity forever.  You were one of the ordained pioneers of this group, leading by example…

Your group was made up of Spirit-led, faith-filled believers that were driven to make a tremendous impact on earth.  Though most of you didn’t know each other, you walked together, had the same goal and your imaginations were full of BREAKTHROUGHS!  Well, let’s move into the details…

In a miraculous way, within only THREE DAYS from now, you (and your group) helped to fund something that was ordained by God to be built in preparation for the end times.  It’s a breakthrough that crushed the walls of division between Christian denominations causing them to walk in a divine unity that well pleased God. 

This breakthrough was a platform that hosted the Word of God in a manner that caused us to rightfully divide the Word of Truth, unfold mysteries and understand great and mighty things we knew not.  The platform allowed your favorite teacher(s) of the Word to do live and spectacular Bible Studies with you at home and away from home.  PLUS, in the simplest terms (and just on the surface), the platform, through a simple and beautifully visual interface, allowed Christians to create dynamic and comprehensive Bible Studies, share Bible Studies, subscribe to and follow Bible Studies, collaborate jointly on Bible Study efforts, expand on and add to publicly available Bible Studies, rate and review Bible Studies, create comments and commentaries on verses of the Word, share experiences and revelations…  A platform where one word, message, revelation or experience posted by you could impact millions and glorify God!  You know, you didn’t only help to launch this platform financially; it was also you who empowered the platform to work after becoming a member of the platform.  Your contributions on the platform aided in the spiritual growth of countless other existing Christians (and Christians to come)!  

You realized immediately that your SINGLE ACT OF FAITH would have made a difference for millions and millions of Christians who would be empowered to further win the souls of (and impact) millions and millions of people across the earth.  It MUST feel awesome to know that you despised not small beginnings - You had spiritually discerned the times and acted.  You eventually saw that the mission was successfully accomplished and you were well pleased.  You faithfully and financially empowered a component of God’s plan.

Thanks to you and other visionaries, the breakthrough platform was fully funded within 3 days!


Return to the PRESENT TIME…

Welcome back!  YES YOU who are viewing this for the first time (sort of). 

You see, this was a plan that was created before the foundations of the earth. Before you were born, you were destined, set and programmed to cross this path, this day, this hour, this minute, this second...  He already knew what you would do when you were placed in front of this chosen opportunity and He is well pleased.  Good seed should only go into good ground.  Provision abounds in 3 days. There’s no greater daily high on earth than being led by the Spirit of God.

Now that you clearly remember what happened 3 days from now, let me ask you this from the heart today…

Aren’t you glad you were put here to usher in

Aren’t you glad you were put here at this precise time in history?

Aren’t you glad that you were an active participant in a significant time in the history of Christians?

Aren’t you excited that you were one of the people that saw the vision and ran with it first?

Aren’t you glad you were in tune with the Spirit of God and you acted?

Aren’t you glad you obeyed? 

Aren’t you glad God is a rewarder?


Here’s the recap of what you did 3 days ago from within eternity (Now)…

  1. Immediately sowed an impactful financial seed and great faith to launch the breakthrough platform.
  2. Signed up for the platform launch-notification
  3. Prayed faithfully for the manifestation of the platform.

And you saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were the first day. Amen.


About me:

I am a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led Christian.  I’m passionate about eliminating misconceptions while fully understanding the truth of the Word as God truly intended for us to understand it.  My skill set enables me to build extremely complex systems.  I’ve built enterprise-level, state-of-the-art systems for major corporations.  I was the lead software architect for the online banking system for the Federal Reserve Bank.  I’ve developed Digital Six Sigma systems using intelligent algorithms to create business predictability systems for Motorola.  I am now solely dedicated to building our, the body of Christ’s, bible study platform that will enhance, empower and accelerate the Church.  I was previously a carpet cleaner and was led into complex web development for THIS purpose!  Best of all, I’d never gone to college to learn this; it was just the Holy Spirit and I on a mission – glory to God!  One of my core purposes is to bring advanced, relevant and effective technology to the Church.


About BB: is a branch of (which was inspired and built in the year 2001)., though now a bit outdated (and I hadn’t changed it much since 2001), was the first of its kind and ahead of its time.  It was (and probably still is) the only website that allows users to not only search the bible but also save verses online within an online, savable bible study.  It also allows users to email bible studies and export them to the PDF format. While encompasses multiple tools and services for Christians in general, is a focused site centered on learning and FULLY UNDERSTANDING the Word of God.  This new site will feature a plethora of enhancements over the original. is here to take that initial 2001 seed vision to a whole new level which has been further inspired greatly within the more recent months and present days. will become the believers’ ultimate bible study platform. 


An initial first-run beta version is targeted for June 2013



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