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You Can Help People Across the Globe Have Access to God's Word in Their Own Language Tax ID 36-2434228


Bibles For The World is a catalyst for individual and cultural change through Christ and the power of God's Word.

For more than six decades, Bibles For The World has placed reaching people with God’s Word at the forefront of everything we do. From the time he was a child, BFTW founder Rochunga Pudaite saw the transformative power of the Gospel message in the lives of even the most feared and savage headhunters in his tribe in India.

In recent years — and especially under the leadership of Rochunga’s son, John L. Pudaite — BFTW has focused on efforts to make the most significant strategic impact in regions where God’s Word is either very scarce or completely unavailable.  This has meant partnering with other ministries where large efforts for evangelistic outreach, follow-up and continuing discipleship are in place.

Such efforts have resulted in the printing and distribution of very large quantities of Scriptures within a very short period of time to maximize exposures to the Gospel and accelerate the reach of the Gospel to unreached people groups. Your participation with Bibles For The World continues to launch an exciting, aggressive new era of outreach with God’s Word — outreach designed to accelerate efforts across the globe to fulfill the Great Commission.

As a partner with Bibles For The World your prayers and your financial gifts impact tens of thousands of lives each day in some 35 Christian elementary and secondary schools, a college and seminary, hospital and medical camps, and outreaches with God’s Word in many regions of the world where people have little or no access to the Bible.