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Big Boy Bruno

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Enzo Guidi wrote -

Bruno was called Crixus when he was in the NYC Animal Control Center, Sean Casey Animal Rescue changed his name to Cricket but he was known to us as Bruno by the time he got in the car with us to go to his new home.

Sean Casey had the ability to see this sick, emaciated dog was a good happy boy in a bad spot. A DNA test revealed that he is 50% Neapolitan Mastiff (hence the fat neck) and at approximately 2 years old he was so under weight at 77lbs you could see every bone in his body, including his neck! He was so scared of people and dogs his bones rattled every time he saw one.

Bruno has been with us for 18 months now. His rehab and training was really tough at times but a complete success. Bruno now weighs in at 140 lbs. of happy love! He lives peacefully with 2 cats, he free feeds without any anxiety, and he’s a favorite at his local dog park with many canine and human friends.


Please vote for Bruno by making a donation that supports Sean Casey Animal Rescue. Bruno’s big smile will be in a calendar and Sean Casey can continue rescuing animals!


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