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BigHeart, Free Blood For All

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Please help Brian Ondari and Moses Gathecha, two young software developers from Nairobi, Kenya to raise 50,000 Dollars.

All this funds will go into a Free Blood For All campaign. 

Every passing two seconds someone somewhere in the world is in dire need of blood. A very vital componet of their survival. Some are lucky enough to get it, yet some are so unlucky to not. It's so sad that even those that get the chance to get it, some are forced to buy it from the hospital or from someone.

It pains, that that very moment that you need blood, the money factor comes in. Thats why we started this Fundraiser, to make this vital componet free for all.

Globally, more than half a million women die each year during pregnancy, childbirth or in the postpartum period – 99% of them in the developing world. An estimated 25% of those deaths are caused by severe bleeding.

Of the 20 countries with the highest maternal mortality ratios, 19 are in sub-Saharan Africa where the lifetime risk of maternal death is 1 in 16, compared with 1 in 2 800 in rich countries.
Severe bleeding during delivery or after childbirth is the most common cause of maternal mortality and contributes to around 34% of maternal deaths in Africa, 31% in Asia and 21% in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Postpartum bleeding is unpredictable and the quickest of maternal killers. It can kill even a healthy woman within two hours, if unattended. Blood transfusion has been identified as one of the eight key life-saving functions that should be available in healthcare facilities providing comprehensive emergency obstetric care.

Blood transfusion saves lives and improves health, but millions of patients requiring transfusion do not have timely access to safe blood. Despite advances in medical science, it will be many years before artificial blood substitutes can routinely replace the need for the donation of human blood.

We are looking forward to a world where we all get blood free and that very moment when  we need it. To give you a clear picture of why we doing this, here are some quick facts;

> Only 45% of the global blood supply is collected in developing countries, which are home to more than 80% of the world’s population
In sub-Saharan Africa, fewer than 3 million units of blood are collected each year for a population of more than 700 million people
> Out of 80 countries that have donation rates of less than 1% of the population (fewer than 10 donations per thousand people), 79 are in developing regions; it is generally recommended that 1-3% of the population give blood to meet a country's needs
> The average number of blood donations per 1,000 population is 11 times higher in high-income countries than in low-income countries.

For this reason will are building a mobile application and web application that will act as a database of blood donation types. Through the appllication, the users will provide their blood type, contacts and location. 

They too will join a community around them so that they can be actively involved in helping those in need of blood. They can as vounteer or can give donations to blood related causes.

This way, blood donation services and organisations will be able to location specefic blood type donors easily. At the end of it all, we hope to build a realiable communication link between the users and the organisations hence creating a passionate community that is willing to save a life, when that moment of need comes.

Once the App roles out, we hope to run fund raisers for those we are in dire need of medical help due to blood related illnesses but dont have the money to access medical services. 


Proceeds from BigHeart, will support the FREE BLOOD FOR ALL initiative, providing educational programs and activities, plus online resources to educate the public with the message of blood donation. 





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Brian is working on selecting a charity so you can support BigHeart, Free Blood For All.