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What is the Big MaMa Earth Learning Academy?

Big MaMa Earth Learning Academy (BMMELA), formerly known as PACIFIC AQUACULTURE RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE is the first CA 501(c)(3) non-profit environmental and solution based on-line learning academy to be utilized by children, teachers, family members, small and large corporations to governments nationally and internationally.    

BMMELA will identify, categorize, and disseminate current environmental and related social educational information to children, families, educators, and community leaders to raise their awareness to viable solutions to the global environmental challenges we face.

Our Board of Directors and Advisory Board will be composed of environmental experts, including scientists, educators and practitioners.

Our children are the future of our Planet and with their leadership we can again be good and responsible stewards of planet earth.

Support BMMELA through Donations

Be part of the change. We are seeking donations from the public, individuals, groups, corporations and other foundations & non-profits to expand our learning academy website and lessons and messages that will be brought forth from the top educators, scientists and renowned experts in their fields.

Academy Curriculum

Topical educational content will be developed and produced by our executive team and partners, and will be presented to (elementary and high schools, families, educators, and industry) in a variety of formats.  These will include brief 5-10 minute videos posted to our interactive academy website and classroom research.  We are also planning public appearances of the Eco-Earth Kids and the live-action BMME figures, as well as the introduction of the “Big Mama Earth & Me” TV Show.    

Earth Partners

BMMELA is currently negotiating with numerous corporations, organizations, institutes, and federal and state agencies to sponsor/partner with BMMELA to develop environmental education awareness content.   

Proposed Subject Matter/Content

The following is proposed subject matter (may be modified as required):

1). e-waste collection and responsibility

2). Recycling, reducing and reusing programs

3). Oceanic conditions and ocean life protection

4). Watershed protection and cleanup

5). Wildlife conservation and protection

6). Humane Treatment of Livestock 

7). Rainforest Protection and Solutions

8). Little things we all can do to support a healthy environment.  Can I really make a difference?

9). Top environmental priorities.

10). What has worked . . . what didn’t.

11). Recent / Pending legislation.

12). How can we spread the news about environmental responsibility?

13). Promote the success of groups and individuals with local PSA’s.  Celebrate good work!

14). You can “BE” the change you imagine!

15). Encourage environmental conservation and protection in science projects at all levels.

16). Use social networks to stimulate interest in fun environmental topics.

17). Teacher share program – Teachers sharing with other Teachers learning techniques with results.

18). Social Solution Programs – Identify & Stop Bullying – Child Protect -  etc..

19). Showcase Earth Defenders – Identify and make public: corporations, organizations, groups, individuals, teachers, etc.. That makes a difference and that support environmental and social programs.

20). Showcase Earth Offenders - Identify and make public: corporations, groups, government programs and individuals that pollute, misuse, and mistreat our Planet and its wildlife.   

21). Etc..

Educational solution videos will be offered to schools and on the BMMELA website to teach fun ways children can take an active role in the subject matter and perform action steps that will make a difference (measurable results) in their own school, home and community. 

Support Activity

Big MaMa Earth Entertainment (BMME) will support BMMELA through its Eco-Earth Kids TV show “Big MaMa Earth & ME” and local, regional, and national events.  We will also issue press releases to announce important accomplishments.


To reward individuals for taking action, BMMELA will offer “Big MaMa Earth Credits” (BMME CREDITS) to children, teachers, and schools for accomplishing Environmental Action Goals.  “BMME CREDITS” can be redeemed as rewards for such items as: sporting equipment (bicycles, soccer & baseball equip, etc.), schools supplies, field trips, scholarships, etc.

Be Part of the Change

We ask you to be part of the change and donate to secure the future of our Planet and its children.  Remember YOUR FUTURE is NOW!