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Using Our Voices To Inspire Communities Tax ID 20-2823879


Big Mouth Presentations mission is to "inspire a culture of character that will impact generations, in order to secure a successful and peaceful future for our youth."

We all know there are a lot of negative and selfish messages pummelling our youth's ears and polluting their hearts and minds.  We call ourselves Big Mouth Presentations because our goal is to make the message of integrity, community, and love, the loudest message our young ones hear.  We don't just want them to have big ears to hear, we desire to turn them into Big Mouths, too - taking the message of character and leadership to their own communities.

We do all of this primarily by working with K-12 schools throughout the nation.  We provide fun, multimedia presentations to spark interest and grab their attention.  We follow up with classroom workshops, trainings, student leadership development, staff training & development, parent workshops, and resources (like books, apps, classroom curriculum, videos, and more) to aid parents and educators.

When we partner with a school, we encourage the entire school (students, educators and parents) to think about their choices and how they have an impact on themself, the people around them, and their community.  We also encourage and equip them to take an active role in their community and plan service projects.