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Big Sky Bravery

Mission: To provide Active Duty Special Operations Soldiers a memorable experience in Montana's beautiful Big Sky country. We provide transportation, food, lodging, equipment, and a personal guide who will lead you in activities including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, etc.

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The Need:

With the global war on terror escalating more each week, Special Operations will always rise to the occasion.  While home on leave, Big Sky Bravery will provide these soldiers with a challenging experience and the opportunity to strengthen the camaraderie between Special Operations and our staff.  With our exclusive groups, we will tackle each new challenge as a team to leave a lasting impression that only Montana can offer.  This experience meets both their need for thrill, and their need to recharge.

Program Description:

Our programs were designed by over 20 Active Duty and Veteran Special Operations warriors.  We followed the lesson "Always listen to the guy on the ground" described in the book, "The Men, The Mission and Me" by *Pete Blaber.  We had one goal in mind, what would they benefit from the most while home on leave?  Our guides are experts, our groups are exclusive, and we plan on establishing a home base here in Bozeman to serve the SOF community for decades to come.  With current family deployed under SOCOM, we understand the importance of each warrior's privacy. Our focus is to build lifelong relationships and trust with each participant.  We pride ourselves on protecting the identity of each soldier.  


Facts about Special Operation Forces (SOF)

*Special Operations Forces (SOF) include: Army Special Forces, Rangers, 160th Special Operations Aviation, Seals, AF Commandos, Marine Raiders and others.

*These are the men and women who carry out America’s most difficult, dangerous, and secret military missions.

*Even tho it represents the smallest combat force it is the go-to force for combat and peace keeping operations.

*Combat deployments by individuals average 9-12 each for those that have been in at least 4 years.

*SOF are deployed world wide in as many as 70-80 countries, at a minimum.

*Currently SOF are in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, several African countries, South America, the Far East, and other places.

*SOF continues to ensure our nation has the best precision strike force to include Remotely Piloted Vehicles. 

*The SOF community is made up of our nation’s finest leaders and organizational teams.

*SOF have sustained over 2,500 wounded and killed in action as of 2014.

*7,500 members are in our SOF Wounded Warrior program, many of them due to the “invisible wounds” of traumatic stress.