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CROWDRISE : Jan 13, 2012
Tax ID: 83-0434995
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Our Mission

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Nigeria is only two percent of the world’s population but accounts for over 10% of the world’s maternal deaths in childbirth. Nigeria's maternal mortality rate is the second highest in the world, after India -- 1,100 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. The country is home to 2 percent of the global population, but 10 percent of all maternal deaths take place there.

Many young women have lost their lives during and after child birth due to complications that could be prevented with good medical care. Most of these young women do not have access to good maternal care during and after pregnancy due to lack of funds and good access to public transportation to take them to maternal hospitals.
Most women marry very young in Nigeria as a result child birth is very high but care is very low. Some of these women live in remote areas that do not have effective public transportation or access to health care system. Most pregnant women have to walk a long distance to reach health care facilities.

Access to information on family planning and contraception, two issues very closely related to maternal death is very limited. Early marriage is common in Nigeria, and young women are often required to conceive immediately and frequently, endangering their health. With your support our organization will provide free transportation to pregnant women.  For quick, and easy access to prenatal care. Free family planning will be provided and also support for before and after delivery care will be provided to these women. Access to free maternal medical help will reduce drastically maternal death rate among young pregnant women as pregnancy complications will be discovered on time and treated before it becomes fatal.

PLEASE HELP US REDUCE HIGH MATERNAL DEATH RATES AMONG YOUNG NIGERIAN WOMEN ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO LIVE IN REMOTE VILLAGES. Many are dying due to lack of access to transportation to hospitals and health care facilities to deliver. Help us provide free bus transportation to these women. Everything raised will be used to support young expectant mothers. Thank you for all your support!

Please take one step further and click JOIN THE TEAM to help me fundraise for this cause. You can become a team member for this project and help me spread the word to your own friends and family. What an impact we could have if we donate and then ask 10 or 15 of our friends to donate too.

Thanks again for all of your support. God bless you!


Tax ID: 83-0434995


Reduce Maternal Deaths In Nigeria

Reduce Maternal Deaths In Ni…

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