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BIjli - A Disabled horse in need for a prosthetic leg for its survival and rehabilitation

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There are nearly 20 lakh stray (Including abandoned pets) animals languishing in the city of Hyderabad, India that needs a rescue and rehabilitation shelter. This campaign is about one such a 4 year old stray horse is in need of immediate rehabilitation is a female we’ll call her Bijli.

Who are we? 

Animal Warriors India, has been in the forefront of animal rescues in Hyderabad (India). Having dedicated volunteers across the city with continuous training programs, they ensure everyone’s well equipped to carry out a rescue by themselves safely. AWI also won couple of awards for their work. As a group we have rescued more than 250 animals as a group.

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The Story: ‪

#‎Bijli‬ had lived many years of her life in misery, without any care and abandoned to die on the streets for the last 2 months because of a leg injury.

Rescued from the streets of Hyderabad in July of 2016, Bijli was moved to a hospital where the injured leg had to be amputated and suggested a prosthetic (artificial) leg for its survival. A land was rented and temporary paddock is built by our volunteers for Bijli. A doctor from Jaipur is flying to Hyderabad for arranging the prosthetic leg.

AWI is now ready to take the first steps towards rehabilitating Bijli. In this campaign we would like to rehabilitate Bijli to a farm where, she can live forever and we estimate it will cost us $1500. This amount will cover the land rent for months + electricity, food, medicine, Prosthetic leg and doctors travel for (Jaipur to Hyderabad) which will be completed by Oct’2016.

Together all of us can rescue other abused animals like Bijli and bring them out of their misery. Would you please help us fund the treatment and feeding she needs to survive?



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Aravind is working on selecting a charity so you can support BIjli - A Disabled horse in need for a prosthetic leg for its survival and rehabilitation.