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Nehemiah Community Development Corporation's Fundraiser:

Bike and Bean Brewing

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Around the country, bike shops are shifting gears. The National Bicycle Dealers Association 2013 survey of 4,000 establishments found that 12% have coffee bars, 11% offer spinning classes and almost 5% serve beer. For some shops, diversification is a survival strategy. In view of the World Championship Bike races coming to Richmond in 2015, it is only fitting the concept of a bike shop/coffee shop be brought to Richmond. This trend has exploded in many US cities including Brooklyn, NY, Portland Oregon, Denver Colorado, Cambridge, Wisconsin, and Chicago Illinois. While more people are riding bikes cycling in New York city has more than doubled. Many have ride-sharing programs in cities like Boston, New York and Chicago. Northside is served by only one coffee shop, Stir Crazy, in the Bellevue neighborhood. A recent city commissioned leakage analysis study stated the need for food and beverage shops to serve the needs of the Northside community. Finally, there are no bicycle shops in or near the neighborhood, and although the co-op model does not cannibalize bicycle shop sales, this provides an excellent opportunity for a large and meaningful impact on the community
Coffee Shop
Rusty Mug Coffee Shop has committed is corporate social investments to creating 50 community stores over the next 5 years. Rusty Mug Coffee Shop has identified this strategy as a central portion of their overall and comprehensive investment in communities. Rusty Mug Coffee Shop believes in the power of the coffee house to bring people together. The stores serve as the hub of area community service and training programs. Rusty Mug Coffee Shop believes in the power of the coffee house to bring people together. These stores prove that and serve as the hub of area community service and training programs. Essential programs that inspire youth action, positive learning environments, job skills and leadership development, as well as overall health & wellness.
One of the most important contributions Rusty Mug Coffee Shop' makes is to serve as a catalyst for change in the communities where they do business. The community stores are an exciting chapter in that story, one where their stores play a central role in supporting revitalization efforts to address education, employment, health, housing, and safety issues in our neighborhoods.
Each Community Store works directly with a trusted nonprofit that offers services aimed to meet the needs of that individual community. This unique funding model creates a reliable stream of resources for the nonprofit organization, raises awareness of their work, and creates a space for community dialog and engagement.
The Bike Coop
Rag & Bones Co-op has long recognized the importance and significance of a Rag & Bones operated cooperatively with stakeholders and members of the community. A bicycle cooperative, or co- op, is very beneficial to a local community. Many of the members of the Rag & Bones Co-op Board of Directors have experienced and volunteered at bicycle cooperatives throughout the country, and are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of differing models. The Rag & Bones Co-op Rag & Bones is a project dedicated to spreading the knowledge of bicycle maintenance, repair, and safety through an inclusive community setting. The Rag & Bones has a director appointed by the Rag & Bones Co-op board, who oversees ordering supplies, maintaining the space, and coordinating volunteers during open shop hours. The co-op establishes and maintains a working space providing educational courses available to the public. The space contains workbenches and tools that are available for use. The co-op survives on donations, and suggested donation rates for stand time and courses is displayed. The co-op provides bicycles to those in need. Since the co-op runs on volunteers and donations, it's able to provide education on fixing and maintaining your bicycle. Those that cannot truly afford a bicycle will be given one upon completion of an “Earn a Bike” program. This prevents people from scalping bicycles as there are sunk costs to receive the bicycle. Some cooperatives extend the “Earn a Bike” program to at-risk youth to be a positive force in their lives. Volunteers will not repair the bicycle for you; rather they empower you will the skills and knowledge to fix and maintain a bicycle. The co-op is run by volunteers. To volunteer you don't need to have wrenching experience - we need individuals to coordinate projects, people to greet new patrons, to aid in hosting events, and so on. And if you'd like to learn how to wrench, we can fix that too. The co-op offers a bicycle library program. This allows individuals who are visiting Richmond to check out a bicycle from the library and use it for the day to explore our wonderful city and enjoy bicycling trails and nature. Waivers must be completed and kept on file prior a bicycle being checked out. A bicycle lifestyle is a simple and positive contribution to the environment as well as a healthy alternative to owning and maintaining a motor vehicle. We have three in-house LCI Instructors, certified by the League of American Bicyclists, to educate bicyclists of all life and riding styles. Through education, we can spread the knowledge of the Virginia Bicycling Laws and create a safer and more sustainable environment.
The current analysis is based on the property located at 10 East Brookland Park Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23222 in the Brookland Park Boulevard area. The space was brought to the attention by Nehemiah CDC, and is an ideal location for community based outreach and education. Additionally, the Community High School is nearby, suggesting that events such as a holiday bicycle drive for youth stand to be very successful. Furthermore, this area has seen development of the Cannon Creek Greenway, a paved bicycle path. Plans to expand the greenway as well as add other bicycling infrastructure, such as sharrows and bicycle lanes, currently exist. Finally, there are no bicycle shops in or near the neighborhood, and although the co-op model does not cannibalize bicycle shop sales, this provides an excellent opportunity for a large and meaningful impact on the community. The property has a storefront, and signage hung outside of the property. Both are very beneficial to attract and engage new members of the community. The intersection of Brookland Park Boulevard and North Ave is seeing large investment by the City of Richmond during 2013 thru the Model Block program. Storefront improvements have the primary goal of physically and commercially revitalizing the Brookland Park commercial corridor and surrounding neighborhood. The changes will increase bicycle and pedestrian access as well as increase bike-ped safety. We believe this property is well suited to the Rag & Bones’s objective of creating a sustainable bicycle cooperative space that effectively and efficiently engages members of the community. The space will allow the center to repair and sell used bicycles at an affordable price; to educate members of the community on how to fix, repair, and maintain their bicycles; to offer bicycling education courses (on road and in classroom) as taught by certified instructors; and to work toward developing an after school program with neighborhood students.



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