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EVENT DATE: Dec 13, 2015

Sean Alexander


Colleen Kelly Alexander wrote -

I am honored to be a board member of Bike Walk CT. On October 8, 2011 while riding home from work I was run over by a multi ton freight liner. My body was literally rolled over by front an back sets of tires and I was ripped apart, bleeding out, and broken. Cycling has been a part of my life since I was strong enough to walk. My father owned a bicycle shop, and I adored spending time in the back of the bike shop learning everything I could about bicycles. I adored the smell of chain grease, new tubes, and bike lube (I was definitely not a typical little girl). Cycling was a passion for me and a consistent part of my life from when I first learned to walk until I was 36 and rode almost daily. I rode to commute for work, I rode for sport, I rode for the love of cycling. I have been a strong believer and advocate of cycling safety for many years.  In the weeks leading up to my trauma, I had rode 600 miles throughout all of New England and New York in under a week in efforts to share how we are powered by the human spirit. The very thing that has been a part of my life almost participated in ending my life. On October 8, 2011 my femoral artery was ripped, my pelvis was snapped in half, and my body was degloved horribly. I bled out and went into cardiac arrest repeatedly. After 78 units of blood, five and a half weeks in a coma, and now 29 surgeries, I am back on a bike. I am alive to be a voice for so many that have lost their voices. I am alive to be a change maker, and I am committed to helping CT become a safer state to bike and walk. From now until December 31st, I will be logging miles and plan to ride 600 miles ending on January 1st, 2016. My goal is to help raise $ 2000.00, and gather cyclists to make a commitment with me to log miles (outside or on a trainer) to help kick off 2016. Together WE CAN MAKE CONNECTICUT A SAFER STATE TO BIKE AND RIDE! Peace and chain grease, Colleen Kelly Alexander

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