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Billy's challenge

Organized by: Bill Minter

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I had just returned home from bringing my mom back from medical rehab. She had 2 1/2 months of rehab due to meningitis from a cortisone injection in her back. She was in a wheelchair and needed constant attention. I drove from Austin, TX. to Kerrville, TX. twice a week to see her and help calm her down. She was suffering from dementia and very delusional from the meningitis. Her BCBS insurance from working at the VA would not cover full-time home care making me have to move in with her and drive 190 miles round trip every day to work and then come home to cook and take care of her. That's what a son is supposed to do. It was tough but I didn't mind. Two weeks into it and one night I have trouble breathing so I go to the VA the next day for a check-up. They did a stress test which only lasted 1 1/2 minutes and the doctor made me sit down. He said the monitor showed I was about to have a heart attack. After a battery of tests I was told to come back at 8am the next morning. When I got there and met with the cardiologist he told me the ambulance was coming to take me to surgery and that I had four 90% blockages. I told him I couldn't go but that I would be back in 2-3 days after I made arrangements to take care of my mom and my businesses. He informed me if I left my next visit would be the funeral home. So I got on the phone and made as many calls as I could to make sure everything was taken care of for a few days. My girlfriend helped with my mom.

Little did I know! Two days after my surgery they took me back down to the operating room to open me back up because I had already contracted a staph infection. Afterwards I couldn't breath and no one would listen to me. They took me back to my room and I thought I would pass out. finally I grabbed a nurse by her smock and she saw the fear in my eyes. Turns out they had collapsed my right lung and would have left me there to smother If I hadn't stopped her. Back down we go. A week later they come in and tell me that my right lung is coated with congealed blood and it is keeping it from returning to it's normal size. The cleaning treatments sent me into convulsions on two separate occasions. Then they went in through my back and scrapped the blood off my lungs and in the process found an abscess the size of a silver dollar where they didn't clean up well after surgery. They left me open with tubes hanging out of me attached to a wound vacuum for just shy of 2 months. I was told now that what they wanted to keep a cautious eye on was my candida (yeast) count and that if it got into my ribcage they might have to replace my entire bone structure. Because of all the trauma I quit eating and my protein count went so low that they couldn't put me back together. They said I wouldn't heal due to lack of protein. I tried everything and couldn't keep anything down and they couldn't get a feeding tube down me due to my gag reflex. I finally found a protein shake I could drink and keep down. several weeks later the day had come where they would sew me back up. But wait there was a problem! No one got the notice to check me daily for candida and as such I now had yeast infection in my bones. They went ahead and closed me up. No one said anything at that time. It wouldn't be until nearly 6 months later I would find this out due to the slip of the tongue from a nurse when she informed me that my chest would never grow back together due to the candida. Now I only get about 4 hours of sleep on a good night because my rib cage crosses during the night smothering me and as such I wake up many times a night.

During all of this I lost everything I had, my home, my vehicle, my businesses and my girlfriend. I had to move in with my 80 year old mom and we both tried to care for each other. It was very hard and humbling. The Lord and I spent a lot of time together and for that I am thankful. He showed me a lot about my life. I have always worked hard for everything I had and knew no other way. I had a very successful property management company and a remodeling company. All gone! Mom passed away shortly after that and I am left with some strong guilt that I could have done something more or different. I began eating a lot and have put on nearly a hundred pounds and my diabetes is out of control. My son who is my rock has helped all he can.

What will I do with the money? For the last few months I have been living in a cheap motel and taking every little home improvement job I can get. I eat $1 burgers three times a day and never know if I will have enough for next week. At 60 starting over is not easy but I know I can do it. I am blessed to have a pickup now for my work but I need to catch up the payments. The next thing is to get with a dietician/fitness person who has offered to help me at a greatly discounted rate to get this weight off and get my diabetes under control. My doctors tell me that If I can get this weight off I may very well get off all of my heart and diabetes medicine. That's my goal! I want to be around to play with my grand children one day! With the rest of the money I want to get my business back up and going. Even though many have tried to get me to, I refuse to accept food stamps and government assistance. I believe we all help each other. I have always worked hard, tithed and given back to the community. I never thought I would one day be on this side of the equation. To say it's humbling would be a gross understatement.

All in all I'm a very blessed man. God chose to keep me here so I know he has something for me to do. He gave me another chance to get it right. He gave me a very good supportive son whom I adore. There are a lot of people on here that probably need help more than me. The one thing I have absolutely decided is that I will be giving to others here in the future. Maybe you will chose to help me and maybe not. Either way please help someone here. In the end you will be the one to really be blessed. Without a doubt my pride is my worst enemy. I'm scared to death that some of my customers will find out I'm in this situation and be afraid to do business with me. I've already had it happen twice. That's why I am choosing to not post a picture of myself. I feel like God has led me here. If so the flood gates will open. If not he will open another door. Until then "Be blessed".



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