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CROWDRISE : Sep 14, 2015
Tax ID: 45-3557898
BASED: Washington, DC, United States


Our Mission

The mission of the Bindi Project is to foster love and respect for all women and girls in India.

Though founded and focused on ending female feticide and infanticide, The Bindi Project strategy addresses all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls. 



For over 60 years the ratio of girls to boys in India has been steadily declining despite many laws to protect women and girls and empowerment programs to provide them education and employment opportunities. Yet for a variety of reasons the rest of us cannot understand, many people continue to value sons over daughters and as a result choose to deny them of the love and respect and even life that they deserve.  The people who commit these horrendous crimes believe in their hearts what they are doing is acceptable and no law or empowerment program will change that.  Therefore the Bindi Project focuses on facilitating change in the hearts and minds of these people through inspiration – the sharing of positive examples from within and across communities.


The Bindi Project conducts a variety of activities within communities.  These include:

• Identifying men and women who do love their daughters and facilitating their stories becoming positive examples to inspire others to change. 

• Teaching boys about leadership and other skills and values in order to reinforce that they are learning to become protectors within their society, especially of women and girls

• Working with young men to help them take responsibility for creating a safe environment for women and girls within their own communities

• Conducting discussions with high school and college students about the treatment of women and girls and how they can help make a difference for the better

• Providing and highlighting opportunities for fathers and daughters to spend quality time together to reinforce their own relationships, most notably through Daughters Day celebrations

• Encouraging and facilitating men becoming more involved in maternal health

Tax ID: 45-3557898 •


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