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Bingo Cares

Bingo Cares
CROWDRISE : Mar 29, 2016
Tax ID: 47-1144510
BASED: Royal Oak, MI, United States


Bingo Cares

Free Grooming

Provide FREE grooming services to local shelters and rescues, as well as to provide scholarships for students who wish to become professional groomers and cannot afford tuition.

The mission of Bingo Cares (501(c)3 ID: 47-1144510) is to help offer 100% FREE grooming to local animal rescues and shelters. What better way to help a rescue pet start off their journey to a forever home than with a good wash and groom. Groomed pets are more likely to be adopted, not only because potential adopters can see the dogs potential, but because a groomed animal is going to put forth more positive energy.

There are also many health considerations to helping rescue pets get groomed. Heavily matted animals can have many problems. Matted hair can hold tears, feces and urine next to the skin. This can cause irritation, pain, and potential for skin infection. If left for a long time this can cause hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) and/or hpyerkeratosis (elephant skin). Heavily matted hair can change a dog's movement, cut off circulation, and cause or hide infected wounds. In an extreme case, matting can tighten around a dog or cats leg or tail, slowly constricting until it has cut to the bone. Matting is also a great place for fleas and ticks to hide an infest.

Bingo Cares has also expanded to help put together a scholarship fund to help future groomers. Grooming students can reveive discounted or even free tuition to our Bingo Institute of Grooming through scholarships. Or program is designed to teach new groomers everything they need to be successful in the ever changing and growing industry.

All sponsorships and donations made to Bingo Cares are 100% tax deductible. Have more questions? Feel free to give our staff a call and ask how you can help to support BINGO CARES.


Bingo Cares

Bingo Cares

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