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January 23, 2011

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Sarah Valeri


The Biography Project is an idea that I have been holding onto for awhile, while I gained the experience necessary to take on the work of creating an open community space for people to create powerful art for themselves and their community.
The basic idea of the Project is to invite members of a neighborhood or community to participate in a month long (at least) series of arts studio sessions to create a visual biography of a person who is important to them. As an artist I can support and provide for any technical questions that come up along the way. As an art therapist I can offer a range of support for people who are creating very meaningful images. Artist participants may choose to depict the lives of someone they know or remember. Someone they want to honor or who has effected them greatly.
At the end of the sessions participants will invite guests of their choosing to view their work. The time and honor they will have offered will be shared respectfully with their community.
The costs may seem high for this project. If I can find a donated space for a month, then the cost will go down greatly and we can use extra money to do two exhibitions, or offer to print a photography book off the exhibition for the participants. In New York to rent a large enough studio for a month may likely run 1000$ to 1500$. Material costs may be variable, depending on the choices of the participants.
If a few sessions of the Biography Project run well I would like to develop more projects with more focused goals; groups of returning veterans, cross cultural meetings, parent and child groups,


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