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Birdbrain Dress Corporation

Our mission is to comfort rape victims and help others support them. Tax ID 47-5253831


Beneath the momentum of voices calling out “Me too!” and “Time’s Up!” are our bodies. Activists and policymakers and first responders and therapists and randos on Facebook can talk all they want about how and why our bodies were violated. They may have brilliant plans to end rape culture, they may undermine and gaslight us, they may simply parrot tired talking points we’ve heard all our lives. They will talk and strategize for decades, and maybe this cultural moment will ultimately be one of deliverance and enduring change. While we hope, each morning millions of us will still wake up and stare at our bodies in the mirror, reconciling our memories and resolving to move forward. ​

We are the ones who live inside the battlegrounds, and for this we require body armor. 

When you and your loved ones wear birdbrain, you won’t just be getting dressed or repping the latest trendy cause. These designs were made to comfort you and to send others a message. We’re not crazy. We are trauma survivors who deserve active support from our families, friends, romantic partners, colleagues, and health professionals. We deserve to see our realities represented in broader culture. ​

We know this support and representation has been hard to find. Not anymore. We're here for all of you—all genders, orientations, ages, sizes, faiths, political affiliations. We’re here to accurately depict the pleasure and pain that meets you in the mirror, in your bed, and in your mind. We’re here so you don’t have to be the one to educate every person who wants to support you. We’re here to hug you with our fabrics, help you and the people who care about you communicate where words fail, share practical resources, and validate your experience.