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BIRD ROCK FOUNDATION- PARTNERS IN EDUCATION is our school’s version of a PTA or PTO. The Foundation operates as a 501c3 non-profit organization. This means we can operate with greater discretion over monies raised and are not subject to any state-mandated process. We, as parents, in collaboration with the school administration can create the kind of learning environment we want for our children. We make this happen by providing financial support for programming that the state and federal government no longer support such as technology, art, P.E., and music.  Our Foundation also funds push-in teachers who work with students individually or in small groups. 


As a parent or guardian of a student at Bird Rock you are automatically a member of the Foundation. The Foundation has a volunteer Board of Directors that is comprised of parents elected for a one-year term late each spring for the following school year.  We hold open meetings to discuss current activities and issues of interest for parents.  We look forward to you coming and learning more about what is happening at Bird Rock. We would love to see you!


Our fundraising is designed to reach each Bird Rock family and our broader school community. Over the course of the year our Foundation offers families a number of ways to give. We realize that everyone has a different comfort level when donating that's why we have a variety of ways we fundraise and they are spaced out over the school year. Whether you are able to donate $10, $100 or even $1000, every dollar donated helps us reach our goal. It takes a combination of everyone’s donations and we appreciate every contribution. Look for our fundraising activities!


BRES needs your time and talent. It is easy to think that the Foundation's only concern is to raise funds but our core mission is much broader. It is to support and enhance the curriculum at Bird Rock Elementary School whenever possible. It is to create strong connections between the school, family, and community. It is the Foundation's sincere hope that as a part of our community you will feel drawn to become involved at some level.  The rewards are plentiful for you and your children. Research shows that kids whose parents are involved in their school perform better academically and socially and are more confident. Without your time and talent none of this would be possible.


-BR Foundation Executive Board