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Birthday Bash for Babies

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Olivia Cox


Kapiolani helped save my life. I was born in critical condition and spent my first two weeks of life in the NICU. I had a condition called PPHN or Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension in Newborns. My blood circulation was bypassing my lungs so my blood was not getting oxygenated. I was on many machines for many days to keep me alive. Family and friends prayed while the doctors and nurses worked around the clock to save me and prevent any longterm damage to my body or brain. It was believed at one point that I would have to go on ECMO (which is a heart and lung bypass machine), but thankfully, I improved enough that I did not have to. Since life expectancy was quite low if I had to go to ECMO, my parents were so grateful I began to improve. Kapiolani NICU serves almost 1000 babies each year. Sadly, not all of them have as happy an outcome as mine. Please join me in raising money to support this not-for-profit hospital NICU. We are so blessed to have a facility and staff of this level to care for our babies of the community, but they need our help. Your donation will go directly to the NICU of the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children. Every dollar matters. My birthday is coming up October 28, 2016; I will be turning 11 years old. Rather than sending me a gift, will you send a donation to the hospital that helped save me? Also, please send a message of hope and love with your donation, I will attach it to a piece of premature baby clothing in your name. At the end of my fundraiser, I will take all of the clothes to the hospital and donate them to the NICU. Some of the babies are there for a long time and once they are healthy enough, they can wear actual clothes. My mom can tell you how meaningful it was to be able to put socks on me for the very first time. She couldn't hold me until I was eight days old, so even that simple act of putting on socks, made her feel more like a mom:) Thank you for your generosity and for supporting such an important cause. We are Kidz supporting Kids! And we are making a difference!!! Love, Olivia



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I am so proud of you! What an example of strength and grace representing all the babiesâ 2 years ago