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Madeleine Bella's Fundraiser:

Madeleine's Birthday for VINE Sanctuary

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THANK YOU for visiting Madeleine's birthday fundraiser for VINE! Scroll down or click here to learn exactly how your donation makes a difference.

VINE Sanctuary offers refuge to animals who have escaped or been rescued from the meat, dairy and egg industries or other injurious circumstances, such as cockfighting and zoos.

Like so many other animal liberation activists, the founders of VINE Sanctuary came to animal advocacy from other activist movements. Miriam Jones had worked at a rape crisis center and lived on a lesbian land project; pattrice jones had worked as a tenant organizer and anti-racist educator. (They met while protesting housing discrimination against people with disabilities.) Thus, when they stumbled upon the chicken who started it all, they were already thinking about the ways that speciesism intersects with other forms of oppression, such as racism and sexism.

In addition to sheltering and advocating for animals, VINE conducts research and education aimed at creating systemic changes in agriculture, trade, and consumption as well as human attitudes about animals and the environment.

The organization works within an ecofeminist understanding of the interconnection of all life and the intersection of all forms of oppression. Thus we welcome and work to facilitate alliances among animal, environmental, and social justice activists.

VINE Sanctuary (formerly Eastern Shore Sanctuary) began as a small chicken sanctuary in 2000 and has expanded organically since, maintaining core commitments while steadily widening the sphere of their work.

Eastern Shore Sanctuary (now VINE Sanctuary) was the first to figure out how to rehabilitate roosters used in cockfighting and continues to both shelter and advocate for these birds, who are victims of both sexism and speciesism.

As an acronym, VINE stands for “Veganism is the Next Evolution.” What do we mean by that? In the widest sense of the word, “veganism” represents an essential next step for anybody who understands that the “intersection of oppressions” of which social justice activists so often speak exists within and is supported by the matrix of beliefs and practices that promote and excuse the exploitation of animals and the despoliation of the environment.

Thinking about factory farming, climate change, and all of the many ways people are recklessly cruel to each other and other animals, it’s easy to feel discouraged. But there are so many things that anybody can do to make a difference. There’s always something new going on at the sanctuary!

“Chicken scratch” may mean “next to nothing” in common parlance, but 50lb sacks of organic scratch feed don’t come cheap.

Many of the animals at the sanctuary—like Luna, Blake, Fennel, and other cows who have been rescued from starvation situations, not to mention any hen who has endured forced molting at an egg factory—arrive hungry. All need lots of healthy food every day. Many need medications, and all need fresh bedding every night.

THANK YOU so much for contributing to Madeleine's birthday fundraiser! 

Not sure how much to give? Here’s an sampling of some of our costs:

$2.50 buys a packet of water soluble vitamins for birds
$6.00 buys a bale of wood shavings for bedding
$11.00 buys a two-string bale of straw for bedding
$12.00 buys 50lbs of fortified grains for cows and sheep
$17.00 buys 50lbs of pelleted feed for emus
$25.00 buys 50lbs of organic scratch feed
$26.00 buys 40lbs of wild birdseed for pigeons and doves
$29.00 buys 50lbs of black oil sunflower seeds for chickens
$38.00 buys 50lbs of specialty seed for pigeons and doves
$40.00 buys a month’s supply of “bute” (pain relief for arthritic cows)
$50.00 buys a 400-500lb bale of hay for cows and sheep

THANK YOU again! <3


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