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Birthday Wish

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What I want for my birthday this year...
I want to raise money to help build the new Cancer Center in Bellingham.

It's not just about a new building, it's about making cancer care more accessible and less cumbersome for cancer patients in this community. They won't have to go to three different places all over town to get their treatment anymore. They will be able to go to one place for all their cancer treatment needs.

The new center will be designed with their needs in mind - meaning not having to walk very far no matter where you are in the building. When they are all tuckered out from cancer treatment and you don't think they can walk 50 yards, they won't have to.

This building won't look or feel like a hospital with white sterile walls. It will be calming and incorporate as many natural light and nature elements as possible.

It will be current with the technology age we live in. No more sitting in an infusion chair for hours getting your IV treatment while staring at a wall - or at everyone else in the room. Patients will be able to enjoy some privacy if they choose. They can watch their own personal TV or connect to wi-fi from their laptops and actually have an electrical outlet where they are sitting (no cords reaching across the room to the nearest plug). Patients and their guests will have full access to a library with important information (librarian included) and computers for doing research.

Patients receiving radiation therapy will NOT be getting it from a machine that is 10 years old. A brand new linear accelerator will be installed in the new facility (the fundraising for the new cancer center includes the cost of the new machine - which costs millions of dollars).

Housing all of the services (oncology/hematology, infusion therapy, radiation therapy, radiation oncology, etc.) under one roof will mean that the physicians and caregivers will more easily be able to collaborate on the care of their patients.

Fundraising for this project is coming along, but they need more. As I understand it, they need to have at least half the projected cost raised before they break ground on building the facility. The plan currently is to break ground in January 2012, which means we need to keep the money rolling in.

I could go on and on about why I want to raise money for this cause - so feel free to ask me about it next time you see me. The main point I am trying to drive home is that this is important to me. If you had thought about getting me a birthday present this year (I know... I'm kind of old for birthday presents), then this is what I want. A donation to the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation for the new Cancer Center. It could be $5 or $50... whatever you are able or feel inclined to give.

Finally, I would like to say THANK YOU. Many of you stood by me and supported me through my battle with cancer. Now it's my turn to stand by my friends, co-workers, and others in this community who are battling cancer. Maybe you have a loved one who is fighting cancer currently and you want to help but don't know how. This is a great opportunity to show your support. Do it for them. Do it for those who will be diagnosed in the coming years and will be relying on the cancer services in this community.



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