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Brandy Kelley

Brandy Kelley
United States
Stuff About Me:

I am a human of experience. Trial and error if you will. Nothing bleeds truth more than knowledge from experiencing something first hand. I am a constant learner of something new that I have never experienced first-hand. Eventually mastering that skill. I once was a lost soul like many out there today. Mostly veterans that have exceeded a respect stature long ago. Their torment, depression, loss, PTSD, alcoholism, drug addiction and other unappealing attributes are the demise of that stature. There are many charities out there in many focuses for veterans, except for one category. Source issues. You can offer an alcoholics anonymous meeting or treatment facility all day long to a homeless, severely depressed individual with nothing to look forward to or no one to share their miserable nothingness with. You will get 0% results on helping them or 0% showing up in the first place. I have analyzed societies faults from both sides of the fence personally. There are many charities that offer assistance for numerous different focuses for veterans, but the bottom line is there is not a place that will provide from the gate the one thing these people need to even begin to heal and that is a home. Not just any home, a community of purity, health, nature, alternative healing practices and medicine, animals, opportunity to grow as human spiritually, mentally, physically healing themselves kind of environment. Most of these individuals I am referring to as "Forgotten Veterans” our society, and supposed government, and their own families have left them behind to rot like scum of the earth just because they have problems and addictions so they’re not suitable for help. Well I beg to differ this assumption. These humans have one thing most of us do not have inside of us and that is sacrifice and true heroism they are still this soul no matter how tattered their shell may be now. Most of these humans feel they died on the battlefield and never came home. I want to be able to at least give them one more chance to experience joy, wonderful people and natural amazing beauty again. There has been way too much horrific things happen in this world. There needs to be more good than bad out there and I am afraid the weights are off on this one. My destiny was brought to me at full capacity of the feat I will endure not only trying to raise the funding for Biscuit Ranch, creating the by-laws myself; as I do not trust anyone who is part of the problem- such as the BAR association. Then breaking ground, building, provisionary plans and system of functionality, and many more decisions and plans to make for this place is vast in ideas at the moment. This is ahead of me as the Founder of Biscuit Ranch Forgotten Veterans Foundation. Please know I do not have all the answers to everything that is wrong with the world, but I do know this place will help humans heal by guiding them to heal themselves. Please help me make this possible, I give my word I will do everything in my power and capabilities to ensure it is not all for waste. Every cent will be for good towards the prosperity for humanity.


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