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Our mission is to promote literacy among African people by building well equipped, modern, and stustainable libraries with the aim to share the gift of ideas and education in Africa.

The Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project is excited to continue spreading the gift of literacy throughout Africa. We had a momentous year in 2012. In August we opened the doors to a brand new library that will provide thousands of books to numerous children, families and schools in Kokofu, Ghana. As the only library in the community, our goal is to improve the illiteracy rate of 43%. We also hired and trained two girls to become librarians and information leaders in their communites. 

In October our founder, Bisila Bokoko, traveled to Kenyan to begin a partnership with a Masai community and we look forward to working and supporting literacy efforts in their community. We also formed a partnership with Chirumanzu, a rural community in Zimbabwe. In an effort to provide all students access to education, the Bisila Bokoko Zimbabwe Rural Scholarship was launched to provide 10 students with fees to attend the Maware Primary School.

We were blessed with tremendous support through partnerships with schools and individuals all over the country and the world from California, Minnesota, New Jersey and Spain who believe in the mission of BBALP and have worked extremely hard to collect thousands of books to fill our libraries. We have also formed a partnership with a network of New York City librarians who will continue to provide book donations for years to come.

In order to successfully maintain these projects and to have the ability to provide more communities with the opportunity to have libraries and educational growth, we need your valuable donation. While we hope to collect over 20,000 books in 2013 and we need the financial resources to get the books into the hands of children. Our goal is to raise capital to continue to best serve the communities in which we serve; this includes shipping fees, library processing costs, librarian salaries and training, and maintenance costs.

We have many goals for 2013 include library projects in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda. We want to make their dreams of fully stocked library possible.

Your gift to BBALP will go a long way to fight illiteracy in Africa and will help transform communities every day.

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