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Timothy Reed's Fundraiser:

Bitcoin Extravaganza

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EVENT DATE: Jun 21, 2014

Timothy Reed


2 years ago I preached to anyone who would listen to get into bitcoin. Most people did not even understand the concept and others didn't like the risks. Now it is in news everyday and can hardly be avoided. I wouldn't need help with fundraising if I would have listened to myself more and invested more heavily. Bitcoin is a solid idea with huge potential. This crowdfund is to spread the idea of Bitcoin and launch our very own crypto-currency right here in Carbondale, Illinois! Using the code of bitcoin we hope to bring a new currency to our town....CarbonCoin . If it works it would be an entirely new concept to city-tourism. 

Information about bitcoin at bottom of page. Including: How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Grandma

My fundraising goal is somewhat small considering the amount of work going into this. The currency is already made it just needs lots and lots of acknowledgement and attention before it can be set it motion. The money is for a launch party so that the new currency can be bought, sold, and mined fairly amongst everyone. This will be ensured so that someone doesn't pump and dump the new delicate currency. 

Here's the layout for expenses

$100 Printing flyers and informational booklets

$250 The Band-Music-Stage

$150 Web-hosting 

$250 Booth with food and fun

Here is my bitcoin address if you would like to donate that way.

BTC- 1QGLjEH1h8EMFWvyaFt16HA8m5WWzC1p1C

LTC- LXJMmkBjydV2otpGSiwjzMRYzRt6S1QjYC

Thank you so much for everyone helping to make this happen!

Here are the links for learning about bitcoin and other alt-coins:

What is bitcoin?

How to explain bitcoin to granny (very in-depth)



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Timothy is working on selecting a charity so you can support Bitcoin Extravaganza.